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Weekend ends on a breezy & cooler note – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-23 21:01:26 –

Tonight’s weather forecast:
The mayhem moving to Colorado tonight could even spread light snow on the mountains and bring some light rain to the northern plains along the Palmer Divide. Outside the mountains, the minimum temperature is only cold in the 30s and 40s, so it’s a refreshing and calm night.

Colorado Springs: Low: 41; high: 65. Sunday is a sunny day, but the sun’s rays return so much throughout the Pikes Peak area that occasional gusts of wind can occur.

Pueblo: Low: 39; high: 72. On Sundays, it’s sunny and refreshing, and the whole area gets a little cooler.

Canon City: Low: 45; high: 70. The sky is clear and the height is calm, but there is a little wind on the side where the wind blows.

Woodland Park: Low: 33; high: 58. On Sundays, the sunshine will be fully supplied, along with the westerlies that blow the wind.

Try Lake: Low: 30 seconds / 40 seconds; high: 50’s / 60’s. Clouds are expected to decline as disturbances rush east of the region on Sunday morning. This makes it refreshing and cooler than what you see today.

Hirano: Low: Forties; high: 60’s / 70’s. Partially cloudy, early skies give way to sunlight, gusts, and slightly cooler heights by Sunday afternoon.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: Low: Forties; high: 60’s / 70’s. It is sunny and a little cool on Sundays, and gusts of 35 mph can occur in some areas.

Mountain: Low: 20’s; high: Forties. It may snow until early Sunday morning. Also, tonight and Sunday will be windy, with gusts of 40-45 mph. Sunshine will return on Sunday afternoon in the wake of tonight’s storm system.

Expanded outlook:
Monday will be the beginning of a warm and windy week with good temperature recovery. Strong winds and low relative humidity increase the risk of daytime fire weather, as the next storm can cause heavy snowfall on the mountains on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening, most models have brought some rainfall to the plains. Most of the snow that falls should be rain, as it is a warm storm in nature, but it can be mixed throughout Palmer Divide and Teller County. As the storm moves east, Wednesdays can be cool and refreshing, with dry skies for the remaining seven days.

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Weekend ends on a breezy & cooler note Source link Weekend ends on a breezy & cooler note

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