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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — For parents, deciding how to educate their children and what activities they can safely participate in is not an easy choice.

Some schools are changing their learning models as the number of COVID-19 cases increases.

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Doctors agree, there is more than one correct answer here.

“If you have a child with an underlying illness such as chronic lung disease, asthma, neuropathy, diabetes, or heart disease, you as a caregiver or parent should consider the best place for your child,” Lauren Muskin said. The doctor says. A pediatric hospitalist and medical director of inpatient medical surgery services at pediatric hospitals and medical centers said. “So I think it’s a case-by-case review and involvement with your pediatrician.”

Dr. Muskin recommends investigating the safeguards your child’s school is implementing and whether they are openly addressing exposure.

“Many schools are doing wise things,” Dr. Muskin said. “They obscure all children and obscure teachers, but with that said, be aware that there are times when they are eating or have to remove their masks. I think there is an inherent risk every time I leave home because I have to. “

Balancing the cost of not letting students learn public health directly is difficult for doctors to admit.

“It’s not free to send all children home and go 100% distance learning,” said Dr. Cliff Robertson, CEO of CHI Health. “There are significant costs and implications for children, not only from a learning perspective, but also from behavioral health, anxiety, and other issues.”

Dr. Muskin suggests that parents also carefully consider activities in which their children participate outside of school.

“I don’t think there are many conversations about what the kids are doing outside of school,” said Dr. Maskin. “If they are playing sports, if they are in a club, especially when winter comes, are parents performing proper safety features or are they in the right environment to participate in their activities? It is highly recommended that you consider it. The activity takes place indoors, in a closed, confined space. “

She suggests considering virtual options such as additional music and language lessons to keep children interested.

None of these decisions are easy, but she said it’s a community issue and it’s easy to recognize that we as a community need to make immediate changes.

“It’s a real shame that children have to be absent from school in a really important part of their lives to keep everyone else safe. That’s really a last resort,” Dr. Muskin said. ..

Weighing in-person learning and public health is difficult Source link Weighing in-person learning and public health is difficult

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