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Welcome back St Giles Fair – readers have their say – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-11 04:05:24 –

A popular tradition was canceled last year by the City Council and the Show Men’s Guild due to concerns coronavirus..

Returning on Monday and today, we welcomed the return of many inhabitants in the late summer sunshine.

We asked Facebook readers if they were planning a visit to the fair.

He added that he was pleased that the trade fair was held in the city center and had a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

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However, others have said they are still concerned about the potential spread of the coronavirus.

CRAIG MAJKUT: “Come to everyone who needs a little fun and excitement in our lives.”

RACHEL TAYLOR: “We took a group of young adults in need of special assistance. They had a great day! We loved rides and game stalls.

“There was a nice atmosphere and a nice atmosphere!

“Some stalls and rides didn’t make our young adults pay and let them play or ride for free. They also won some awards!

To the big “Thank you!” Fair !! There were many hand sanitizer stations above or near each vehicle / stall and vehicle distance.

“I’m glad I got back to normal a little.”

BERNADETTE DOWNES: “I went when it opened. I wasn’t too busy and had plenty of space.

“We’re oldies, but we enjoyed walking around listening to young kids screaming in the ride.”

ELI HOUSE: “I’m glad I went to see it today and enjoyed it together.”

ZOE BAKE: “I’ll be there tomorrow night.”


Maria Kigo: “No”

MARTIN DARE-EDWARDS: “It’s only a week before Covid surges in the Oxford area!”

J NOYCE AND SONS FUN FAIR: “It’s great to see many people enjoying all the fun of the fair. Every vehicle has a disinfection station that everyone can use. Keep a smile and have fun. Please give me.”


JUDITH BROOKS: “I went today and enjoyed getting a stuffed animal on a grab machine.”

Theresa Helesa Higginson: “It’s great to see it, but where is everyone’s face mask? A wand that won’t fall.”

GINA SPILLANE: “Why do people wear face masks?”

Dave Ross: “It’s ridiculous to scare ghosts on the ghost train.”

DARREN SMITH: “There is no need to wear Teresa Heresa Higginson.”

FAITH MCBLAIN: “You don’t have to wear a face mask outdoors. I know if it was indoors, but I won’t stop complaining. Just let people enjoy it.”

MATTHEW BELCHER: “It’s outside.”

Gillian Drake: “I went last night”

IAN RIGSBY: “No, I’m not going.”

Angela Care Slade: “I went last night-I have two sons, Yang, Josie and his companions-a nice night but very hot.”

Amanda Pamment: “All these people-the mask doesn’t scare me because Covid is still around.

“I don’t think I’m in Banbury Also. ”

Gilbert Taylor: “No”

BECCA GODWIN: “It’s the first year she’s understood the fair, so I’m happy to be back.”

TINA WILKINS: “I’m looking forward to getting the donuts.”


LORRAINE HARRISON: “Covid is always with us. It has a booster effect every year.

“enjoy life.”

Ben Moody: “It’s not fair, it should be closed now.”

Jess Fisher: “Not too busy”

Mathew Belcher: “I don’t want to go. Enjoy.”

Tony Brown: “No”

CARL WELLS: “Thank you for the goodness of the vaccine.

STEFAN MEYER: “What about a fun fair that attracts little people in tracksuits that behave like gangsters?”

Welcome back St Giles Fair – readers have their say Source link Welcome back St Giles Fair – readers have their say

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