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Wellness Challenge: Take a break

Are you as kind to yourself as others? Take a self-compassion break. Ask yourself, “What do you need now?” Then do something good for yourself. Take a walk or take a bath. Call a friend for support. Please adopt the following mantra. I accept myself as I am. Doing good things for yourself makes it easier for you to behave in a healthy way.

Recently, I’ve heard the voices of many readers blaming themselves for gaining weight and losing momentum during a pandemic lockdown. But it’s important to remember that most people have struggled over the past year. Blame yourself is counterproductive. Larger studies have shown that resting yourself and accepting your imperfections (a concept called self-compassion) increases your chances of taking care of yourself and living a healthier life. It is shown.

Self-compassion is rooted in centuries of Buddhist tradition, but has recently undergone rigorous scientific consideration. Numerous studies Self-compassion shows that it is strongly associated with overall well-being. Self-compassion can help reduce depression, stress, performance anxiety, and physical dissatisfaction. It can improve well-being, self-confidence, and even immune function.

The most basic self-compassion is to treat yourself as kindly as you treat your friends and family. However, about 75% of people who find it easy to help and understand others say that their self-compassion test scores are very low and not very friendly to them. Kristin NeffHe is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin and has pioneered much of his self-compassion research.

“If I’m strict and self-critical to myself, it’s a false idea that it helps me and motivates me to make a difference in my life,” said Dr. Neff. The opposite is true. Being ashamed makes it difficult to make positive changes in your life. “

In her new book, “Intense self-sympathy: how women can use their tenderness to speak up, assert power, and prosperDr. Nef is looking for new ways to practice self-compassion. One of the easiest places to get started is to ask yourself, “What do you need now?”

“We say’what do I need to do’or’what should I do’,” said Dr. Neff. “But ask yourself,’What do you really need?'” Pause and wait for the real answer. Perhaps you don’t need that everyone else in your life says you want it. “

Some people are worried that self-sympathy is a form of self-mercy, or that self-acceptance simply means giving up. However, research shows that when one practices self-compassion, More elastic, Less focused on their problems, more likely Take healthier behavior.

“Research shows that people tend to exercise, eat well, and be motivated, not because they feel inadequate, but by encouragement,” said Dr. Neff. .. “The more you can accept yourself, the more positive and healthy your life can be.”

How kind are you to yourself?Take this A short test developed by Dr. Nef Take a snapshot of your own level of self-compassion. If your score is low, promise to learn the practice of self-compassion. If your score is high, continue practicing self-compassion and build on what you already have.

If you are working on this challenge with me, congratulate you on participating as part of your efforts to care for yourself. If you miss the challenge, you can: .. Find everything here for 10 days. And join us for more challenges and tips to enrich your day Free weekly well newsletter.

Wellness Challenge: Take a break

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