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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — “In general, Native American history is excluded from textbooks and school education. Wendy’s work actually reveals these histories,” said Native American. Associate Curator Anika Johnson said. American art at the Joslyn Art Museum.

According to Johnson, the exhibition by Wendy Red Star, an artist based in Montana, presents some of Omaha’s past, which is often overlooked.

“To create this installation, Wendy used historic photographs from the Omaha Public Library. They portray Native American individuals who traveled to Omaha in 1898. They are called the Indian National Assembly. I’m here to attend the event, “said Johnson.

To coincide with the Omaha World’s Fair, the Indian National Congress took 35 indigenous peoples to the city and brought in hundreds of indigenous Americans photographed by a man named Frank Reinhardt.

After a research trip to Omaha, Red Star finally decided to use replica photos to create an exhibition booth and figuratively reunite Congress.

“She was fascinated by these historic exposition booths and wanted to shed some of the historic tensions of the time, given the truly terrible federal Indian policy of the century,” Johnson said. Told.

A member of the Crow tribe, Red Star will showcase her storytelling skills at an exhibition that connects the past of Omaha and its indigenous peoples.

“You are really drawn in and start asking questions. Who were these individuals … and you can see family groups, all delegations are organized by their home country, so this Is really this wonderful experience, a good look, and spending time here is very rewarding, “said Johnson.

The Wendy Red Star exhibition is on display until April 25th and is included in the free general admission fee. Timed ticket reservations and masks are required at the museum.

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Wendy Red Star exhibit remembers historic Indian Congress in Omaha Source link Wendy Red Star exhibit remembers historic Indian Congress in Omaha

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