“We’re Coming For You”: New Video Offers Inside US Capitol Riot

Of the 1,000 people you might have Entered the Parliament building on January 6th, Federal agents are investigating the building and focusing on militant groups who may have been trained in assault. Currently, they are pouring new videos to identify militants who may have targeted members of Congress.

A video published by The New Yorker shows that the riot is reaching an empty Senate room. There, they shoot the binder page on the desk with a rifle and enjoy their success.

“Here we need something that can be used for these scumbags,” you can hear a mob saying.

The video also shows the interaction with police officers that began after the protesters took pictures and kicked their feet.

“Is there a chance I can get you off the Senate wings?” I hear the cops saying.

“We do. I make sure no one is downplaying the place,” the protester replied.

After invading the Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, Trump mobs flooded the Capitol.

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In videos of other areas of the Capitol, published by ProPublica, mobs advocate a revolution and cultivate countless opposition.

“Can you talk to Pelosi? Yes, we’re coming,” one protester falsely said on the phone. “Oh Mike Pence? We’re tinkering with traitors for you.”

Within 48 hours of taking office, the Capitol is at stake. There was a brief horror when the Capitol was closed at the beginning of Monday due to the blockade of the fire.

The level of security in Washington is unprecedented. National Guard members are marching down the street and growing rapidly.By the presidential election Joe Biden Has been sworn in and more than 25,000 people will participate in the city. But even the National Guard cannot avoid scrutiny — the FBI is scrutinizing all members of the National Guard.

The National Guard Secretary told CBS News correspondent David Martin that he was “absolutely not worried” about the credibility of his military.

Expected protests in Washington, DC prior to Biden's inauguration
Virginia National Guard in front of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 17, 2021

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The FBI is also investigating funding for the January 6 assault. This includes the mysterious Bitcoin remittance of over $ 500,000 from abroad to those who support the original rally.

In all the turmoil of the day, someone stole a laptop from his office Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.. Investigators say they are looking for Riley June Williams, who is currently on the run.

Court documents show how investigators tracked the movement of women in Pennsylvania to Pelosi’s office. They also said she was inspired by “I was going to send my computer device to a Russian friend … and then planned to sell it to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service,” but the plan “failed.” Said.

Emily Hernandez, who allegedly stole Pelosi’s nameplate, was also charged by a federal prosecutor. Jon Schafer, who allegedly belongs to the far-right rebel group Oath Keepers, was also charged. Residents of Columbus, Indiana face six indictments after spraying bear spray on police officers in the Capitol.

90 people are facing federal accusations and the number is expected to increase. The FBI often catches up with suspects because of the tip line. In some cases, families are powering each other.

“We’re Coming For You”: New Video Offers Inside US Capitol Riot

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