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‘We’re getting close’: Virginia Beach City Council defers vote on new short-term rental rules – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-06-16 01:49:52 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — New rules governing short-term rentals may be enacted in early July after the city council postpones voting on controversial subjects on Tuesday night.

Instead, members of the council decided to meet again on June 22 to review the details of the latest proposal before revisiting the July 6 voting plan.

Moans were determined from more than 50 people who spoke on the issue on Tuesday, but after leaving, they realized that they needed to return to another long meeting, but many could live with it. Said.

“I wanted to see it voted tonight, but yes,” said Larry Holbus, director of the Bay Lake Pines Civic League, who opposes further expansion of short-term rentals. “But in this case, something is still in place.”

The topic of short-term rental is lightning rods, which have continued to grow since 2015.

Officially defined as a home rental for less than 30 days, its use has exploded in recent years with the help of websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

In tourist towns like Virginia Beach, many homeowners have rented their property to vacationers for years. However, people who own homes in coastal areas and are not interested in renting complain that the constant traffic of strangers is not only destructive but also dangerous.

In 2018, the city council regulated by requiring short-term rentals to be registered with the city, Get conditional permission to operate..

However, when the process of approving each application individually began to take time for the city council, Deputy Mayor Jim Wood and councilors Luis Jones and Guy Tower Propose current proposals to ban short-term rentals outside areas where vacation rentals are historically located..

Those who run short-term rentals, or STR for short, continued to push back their proposals on Tuesday night.

Elaine Fekete, a member of the Virginia Beach Short Term Rental Alliance (VBSTRA), said:

Members have Called an unfair process And it said it would punish responsible rental owners.

They want stronger enforcement of existing rules.

City council member John Moss called it a property rights issue.

“There are groups who want to expand their property rights under the existing zoning ordinance, and there are people who want to respect the vested interests of the zoning ordinance that is in force throughout the city … that is, STR is not a vested interest. “Moss said.

Mr Wood said the council feels “quite close” and feels that a compromise can be found.

“I think it will take a little longer … I’ve certainly done my best. It may not have been the result everyone wanted, but it’s not due to our lack of effort,” Wood said. It was.

‘We’re getting close’: Virginia Beach City Council defers vote on new short-term rental rules Source link ‘We’re getting close’: Virginia Beach City Council defers vote on new short-term rental rules

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