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‘We’re gonna move the earth to get to you’: VBFD recalls weekend rescue, promotes boater safety – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-20 22:57:18 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — On Saturday, sudden weather changes took only a few minutes to change from gorgeous drop dead to potentially deadly — and with some boat riders. I was surprised by a fisherman.

First responders say that the weather caused some people fishing from the platform under the Lesner Bridge to get stuck and no one was injured after the boat capsized nearby.

10 on your side First reported that water was rescued on Saturday evening.. According to firefighters, the first request for assistance was about a catamaran that capsized near Seaviewer Venue and Oceanviewer Venue at around 6:14 pm.

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According to Virginia Beach fire brigade captain William Shea Dolucci, the 15-year-old sailor was able to reach the shore safely.

He sat down at WAVY News on Wednesday to find out about the rescue operations that took place on Saturday night.

“Probably one of the more dynamic days we’ve had for some time was because of the strong winds,” Dolucci explained.

To be considered a strong wind, meteorological experts say the gust must last strongly at a minimum speed of 31 mph.

During Saturday’s weather, WAVY Weather Team meteorologist Steve Fundaro said the gust reached about 40 mph. The weather changed quickly, but the report said it required that such a storm to strike at that time of the day.

“Weather is the most important factor when doing these boat checks,” says Drucci. “Do you have enough fuel? Is my ship running well? Do you have the right safety equipment? Okay … but the weather?”

It turns out that the three people fishing under the bridge require most of the rescue team’s efforts. Two fishermen swam to the shore before the first responders arrived, but one decided to stay on the platform until the boat arrived.

According to Dolucci, the best thing to do after calling 911 in this scenario is to leave it alone.

“Sit firmly and relax. If you call us, we’re coming. That’s exactly what happens. We’re going to move the planet to reach you, do it Believe me, “he said.

Recalling the rescue operation, Dolucci says the team did everything but move the Earth on Saturday night to reach a lone fisherman. Without “the perfect team with perfect training and perfect timing,” he said it wouldn’t have been possible.

“It’s very technical and very difficult. It’s not for boat operators on the first day. The operators on that day worked for years,” he said.

The video sent by the WAVY viewer shows the technically difficult rescue of the lone fisherman pulled off the platform by a first responder.

The US Coast Guard also responded with a 45-foot boat from Little Creek and a Jayhawk helicopter from Elizabeth City.

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Virginia DWR Boat Safety and Education

In the event of an emergency, call the USCG Sector Virginia Hotline 757-483-8567 to have your coordinates ready. Captain Dolucci says making them available, regardless of which agency is responding to water emergencies, can reduce the time it takes for them to arrive at you.

You can access the coordinates through your phone’s compass or map function.

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‘We’re gonna move the earth to get to you’: VBFD recalls weekend rescue, promotes boater safety Source link ‘We’re gonna move the earth to get to you’: VBFD recalls weekend rescue, promotes boater safety

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