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Wes Moore ran for the long-awaited governor’s election on Monday, merging his personal and exciting life story with a deep-rooted call for a fairer state of Maryland.

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Wes Moore ran for the long-awaited governor’s election on Monday, combining his personal and exciting life story with a more equitable enthusiastic call to Maryland.

Moore is a 42-year-old veteran, best-selling author, former CEO of an anti-poor organization, and officially participated in the Democratic primary with the release. Campaign video It emphasizes biography and his desire to bridge the gap between rich and poor in Maryland.

In a campaign ad, Moore said, “Opportunities are readily available to some, but dangerously lacking to others,” Moore said.

In an interview, Moore seeks a Democratic nomination for the potential of an experienced Maryland official and two former members of President Obama’s cabinet, but leads in military, business, and well-known philanthropy. After experiencing a philanthropic position, he said he believed. He has the right experience to win preliminary and general elections and achieve ambitious policy goals.

“No one has the experience to tackle today’s challenges and lead positive conversations about the future,” he said.

Moore, a New York-based charity and CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, who donated $ 600 million during Moore’s tenure, has resisted the plea to run for public office. .. But this time, he said he was moved by the unequal devastation of Maryland caused by COVID-19.

“We need to get out of the pandemic and focus on closing the gap between rich and poor in an unprecedented way in this state,” said a Baltimore resident, “upstairs. [of the State House] In Annapolis. “

Moore said his ultimate priority as governor was to make Maryland the first state to “close the gap between rich and poor.” He said that 45% of children live in poverty, despite the wealth of wealth in Maryland.

“This shouldn’t be left alone,” he said.

With that goal in mind, Moore said on campaign trails that education, financial opportunities, wage and workforce development, entrepreneurship, fair financing and investment programs, public transport, affordable housing, etc. He said he would emphasize the issue of.

Moore knows one or two things about getting out of poverty and achieving great success. This is part of his story of a business career, philanthropy, and a journey to becoming a best-selling author. He is now trying to use his biography as a powerful political weapon.

Recent polls In the Democratic primary, where nine candidates were elected, Moore was ranked fifth with a 2% vote. Importantly, he was unknown to 76% of the Democratic primary voters surveyed.

But Moore said: Started traveling to the state Voters told him through his career and the coverage of a book about the criminal justice system, poverty, and the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore to consider running for governor earlier this year. I found that I seemed to know the story of. “In terms of name recognition, people’s perception and knowledge of our work is greater than people think,” he said.

The 2 minute 48 second Moore introductory video of the campaign aims to enhance Moore’s story and show that candidates are equally fluent and effective in the Hall of Fame and in the city. The ad was produced by SKDK, one of the leading democratic media companies in the country, and the candidates are narrated throughout, except for a short part where a man is talking at a hairdresser visited by Moore.

“My name is Wes Moore,” he says at the beginning of the ad. “When I was three, I saw my father die at home. By 11 o’clock, I felt like handcuffs on my wrist. My life may have gone in a different direction. , I was lucky. Before I believed in myself, there was a mom who believed in me. Kids like me didn’t think there was a world where everything was possible. We had a coat I wanted to say that my mother was wearing a sweater to wear it. “

The video shows a young Moore and an actor playing his mother, often with split-screen images of devastated areas and desirable neighborhoods. A person appears on one side of the screen, displaying some of the most eye-catching images to highlight Moore’s background, success story, or the challenges facing the state. One is a woman cleaning a window on the left side of the screen, wearing a white lab coat and appearing on the right side, completing a complex mathematical formula on the whiteboard.

“I believe that no matter what path you take, there is always a path to success,” Moore said in an ad. “Unlike many who run for public office, I know what it’s like to struggle and what it’s like to realize a dream that my parents couldn’t even imagine.”

Moore is former Prince George’s County executive Rashern L. Baker III, former Clinton administration official John Baron, state secretary Peter VR Franshot, former secretary of state Douglas F. Gunsler, and former. Join key areas of the crowded Democratic Party, including high-ranking Obama administration Ashwani Gupta. Former US Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. and Baltimore tech entrepreneur Michael Rosenbaum. Former Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez is also pondering the race.

Moore has formed an experienced team of experienced campaign staff and advisors in Maryland.

Craig A. Thompson, a partner of Venable LLP, a leader in the Baltimore business community and a longtime friend and mentor of Moore, chairs the campaign. Lissa Muscatine, co-owner of Politics & Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC and former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, accounts for the campaign. Residents of Montgomery County were formerly responsible for Maryland’s politics. Washington Post..

Veteran operative Ned Miller is the campaign manager. Most recently, he managed the campaign for Iowa Congressman Abby Finkenauer (Democratic Party). It was one of the most competitive districts in Iowa and missed a close re-election. Miller started with a business for President Obama’s reelection campaign in Florida.

Born in Maryland and resident in Baltimore, Lucinda Ware holds the title of Senior Advisor. Ware was US Senator Chris Van Hollen, former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Break, and the then Democratic Party of Maryland, who served as National Political Director in the 2020 presidential elections for Senator Amy Crobcher. I’ve worked for top members of the Democratic Party of Maryland, including Senators. Governor Anthony G. Brown.

Fred Yang, Principal of the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, is the campaign poller. A Bethesda resident and with a large national portfolio, he has worked for the Governor of Maryland for three Democratic candidates.

Sophia Silbergeld of Adeo Advocacy in Baltimore is a Senior Financing Advisor. She has been with several over the years, including former Governor Martin J. O’Mary (Democratic), Attorney General Brian E. Frosch (Democratic), Mayor Rawlings Blake, and Marylanders for Marriage Equality in 2012. I have been working on a campaign.

Growing up in Silver Spring, Democratic media and communications strategist Doug Thornell oversees Moore’s media campaign at SKDK as a partner. In 2020, he oversaw the company’s advertising department, which produced over 800 ads. Over the years, he has held top positions in the Democratic Election Commission and the NAACP’s Top Media Strategist, including Van Hollen, the late Elijah Cummings, and Gunsler. I have worked for politicians in the state of Maryland, including.

SKDK’s media team includes two other Marylanders. One is Oren Shur, who has worked with US Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (Democratic Party) and former Senator Barbara A. Mikulsky (Democratic Party), and Leicester Davis, who lived in Baltimore and worked as a former journalist. Lester Davis). For more than a decade, for former Baltimore Mayor and Council Chair Bernard C. “Jack” Young (Democratic Party).

Sapphire Strategies will lead Moore’s digital funding efforts, led by President and Founder Julia Ager. Her company has worked for a range of Democratic candidates and committees, including US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat-California).

“We’re going to have the best team in the field,” Moore said. “A team that knows how to win.”

Moore didn’t say what the campaign’s funding goals were, but “I’m completely confident that I can raise the money I need to succeed. It’s already started and it’s already exciting.”

Wes Moore launches bid for governor with vow to eliminate racial wealth disparities Source link Wes Moore launches bid for governor with vow to eliminate racial wealth disparities

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