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West Feliciana network of AEDs, community volunteers aims to battle sudden cardiac arrest | St. Francisville – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Some hearts are figurative when Hollis Milton receives a radio call on the West Feliciana campus saying that his heart has stopped, and when school staff take action knowing that every second is important for survival. I participated in the sense. Using a defibrillator to jump start a stationary heart, Milton was later told that a 13-year-old child had died without a device.

Milton, the current school system supervisor, shared this story with the announcement of the Jump Start Heart Program on March 22nd. This is an initiative to deploy automated external defibrillators throughout the community while encouraging parishioners to download and use the new 911 in the hospital. Connected PulsePoint response app.

The process of saving a junior high school student can be safely duplicated and save others in the parish. “By the way, this kid wasn’t playing sports, but he was actually watching a basketball game with two other teams,” Milton said. “So there was nothing that made me think there was a problem.”

The coach grabbed the AED device, gave it an electric shock, and revived the child. The emergency room doctor then called Milton and told him that the child would have died in the gym without the device. “That experience really defined the importance of these devices,” he said. “And it also defined this simple part. It’s very user-friendly and anyone can use it because it tells you what to do. When I became the director here, I asked a question I’ve started. Do you have a device? If you don’t have one, where should you put it? And how can you make sure people can use your device very comfortably? “

Lee Chastant, CEO of West Feliciana Hospital, said the groundbreaking program was the first in the state and was the brainchild of EMS director Chris Fitzgerald. “We actually started working on this about two years ago,” said Chastant. “Chris came to me with this idea, and I asked him to study it.”

According to Fitzgerald’s research, he used the PulsePoint smartphone app to reach a small Arkansas community that warned community participants of cardiac arrest. “We found that we could do this by placing that part,” says Chastant. “It took a while because of the COVID delay. It was a long process, but it’s worth it.”

Sudden cardiac arrest kills about 1,000 Americans a day, and if those victims do not receive CPR until expert help arrives, the survival rate is only 11 percent. Cardiac arrest is often associated with the elderly, but can occur at any age. “I think it’s great that the hospital leadership committee, Lee Chastunt, and many others have decided to do this for our parish,” Milton said. “We are a truly unique parish. We have so many strengths. And one of our biggest things is that we all get together and do something good for our community. Is to see if there is. They need to step up and do it. “

EMS-led programs bridge the gap between life-saving care between sudden cardiac arrest and the arrival of emergency response personnel. The hospital has registered all AEDs in the parish and has purchased additional units to strategically place defibrillators throughout the parish. Residents are advised to download the PulsePoint Respond app connected to the 911. This app provides access to a map showing the location of all AEDs throughout the community in an emergency. This app is available to both iPhone and Android users.

The PulsePoint app empowers residents and allows CPR trained people to volunteer and become citizen responders. These volunteers will be notified by the app if they are near a heart emergency and will be directed to the victim’s location to provide assistance before emergency personnel arrive.

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The Jump Start Heart Program draws power from cooperating community partners, West Feliciana Hospital, West Feliciana Parish Security Office, West Feliciana Parish Fire Department, West Feliciana Parish Government and the town of St. Francisville. ..

According to Fitzgerald, the more dispersed rural landscape of West Feliciana creates a unique emergency preparedness challenge. “There are probably many areas where one or two people live, so time to reach the patient quickly and safely is important,” he said. “Also, when we think about the program itself, we’re trying to put them everywhere. Some of these remote areas don’t even have buildings, so we need to devise a place to put the units. “

Fitzgerald’s department relies on research to determine how to place an AED within 5 minutes from anywhere in the parish. “Even one of two people in an area pays taxes,” he said. “So we want to serve everyone we can reach, not just in crowded areas.”

The EMS department has placed 12 units outside the fire department building and in cabinets with prominently signed covers. You can register your existing privately owned device to be part of the parish’s mapped location. Groups interested in AED registration are Program Coordinator Dawn McBeth (225) 635-2446 or

Chastant explained that funding programs like implementations is supportive. The hospital applied for and received a $ 25,000 medical grant from a subsidiary of the Louisiana Hospital Association and received additional support from the hospital and regional partners, including the fire department and sheriff department. “Sheriff Spillman also helped us work with 911, and the fire department allowed AEDs to be strategically placed at all fire department locations,” said Chastant. I will. “So it was important for us to do that.”

The parish’s first responders are to teach CPR and other skills in informal settings such as community street fairs, group training sessions, takeaway DVD-based courses, or by watching simple online videos. Continue to use emergency education. In addition, West Feliciana Hospital holds regular CPR training sessions throughout the year.visit For a list of scheduled classes. McBeth also helps organizations schedule CPR training classes.

For more information on the program and AED location, please visit: ..

Fitzgerald hopes that the Jumpstart a Heart initiative will be a model for other Louisiana parishes and municipalities because it is influential and economically feasible. “It’s not within everyone’s budget, but I think we did a pretty good job,” he said. “It’s easier to justify such a program in urban areas, but it doesn’t seem to make economic sense in rural areas where there aren’t always many cardiac arrests. But what you saved one life and what? If you do. “

West Feliciana network of AEDs, community volunteers aims to battle sudden cardiac arrest | St. Francisville Source link West Feliciana network of AEDs, community volunteers aims to battle sudden cardiac arrest | St. Francisville

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