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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-13 22:47:11 –

Chesterland, Ohio (WJW) – West Joga Local School District It is intensifying.

About 100 people on either side of the problem appeared early on Monday night at the school board meeting, many with signs supporting their position.

“I’m four grandmothers and I don’t want my children and grandchildren to wear masks,” said Carmella Juarbe.

“I have three grandchildren who are too young to be vaccinated, and I hope they maintain their policies,” Jennifer Weinbrecht said.

This policy requires face covers to be installed in all indoor facilities until October 22nd. On October 22, the district will review the mask requirements and decide whether to extend them.

The board said the decision was based on a number of factors, including confirmed numbers. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) District case.

Anticipating a large crowd, the possibility of protest police also attended the meeting in case someone was overly confused.

(Photo: Suzanne Stratford / FOX 8 News)

“If you’re confused, you may be asked to leave,” said Chester Rummy, president of the school board.

During the meeting, both sides elicited cheers and boos from the crowd and cited various scientific studies and figures supporting their position.

Forty-five minutes later, the board stopped public comments and proceeded to the rest of the agenda.

As the crowd dispersed, it was clear that the discussion about masks in the school district was not over yet.

“When there is an outbreak and it spreads to the community, it can affect my family,” said Weinbrecht.

“First the mask, then the shot, and then over and over again,” said Jualbe.

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