West Nile Virus detected in a Corpus Christi mosquito pool. – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-07-16 19:14:48 –

West Nile virus was detected in a pool of Corpus Christi mosquitoes.

Corpus Christi Vector Control detected the virus in a pool of mosquitoes collected at 400 blocks on Bartlett Street.

The unit has approximately 40 traps throughout Corpus Christi in breeding areas such as the coast, North Padre Island, Flour Bluff, the Nueces River, North Beach and South Side.

City officials were notified of a positive test by the State Health Department on Wednesday. No human cases have been reported in Nueces County, city officials said in a statement Thursday.

Vector Control Officer Tony Pantoja looks for mosquito larvae in the ditch at Corpus Christi Animal Control on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

West Nile fever is a viral disease that spreads to people by being bitten by infected mosquitoes.

In 2020, the health services department reported that one person in Nueces County was infected with the virus. This was the last time a human case was reported in the county.

People infected with West Nile virus may experience fever, headaches, body pain, sometimes a rash on the skin of the trunk, and swollen lymph nodes. Serious symptoms of West Nile virus infection can affect the spinal cord of the brain.

The response of Christi Vector Control is as follows:

  • Spray 3 nights with a radius of 0.5 miles around the detection area. Wednesday night was the first spray.
  • Code enforcement, vector management, and neighborhood service personnel look for water in the affected neighborhood, including inspection of abandoned assets.
  • Vector Control continues to monitor mosquito traps in the area for signs of West Nile virus-borne Culex pipiens and Tarsaris mosquito species.

West Nile Virus detected in a Corpus Christi mosquito pool. Source link West Nile Virus detected in a Corpus Christi mosquito pool.

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