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West Pelzer police chief starts new initiative – Valley Stream, New York

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West Pelzer, South Carolina (WSPA)-The Autism Responder Alert Program is a way for police officers at the West Pelzer Police Department to become familiar with the town’s autism community.

The goal is to make everyone more comfortable if someone in the autism spectrum is involved in the 911 call.

Police chief Scott Stoller said the relationship between law enforcement agencies and people with autism is often foreign territory.

“I’ve had situations where people with autism were fed up, arrested, or actually scared and resisted, so I’d like to break through that,” said Stoller.

Therefore, this new training is a priority of the West Pelzer Police Department.

It’s happening in three parts.

First, Stoller says he teaches teachers signs of someone who may be in the autism spectrum.

“People who are afraid, who are not communicating well, who have poor eye contact, who have no verbal communication,” Stoller said.

Second, by allowing police officers to interact with people with autism outside of emergency calls, they can get to know each other.

“When we learn about people who come to help, it’s not a time of crisis. When we meet each other, it’s a time when there are no emergencies,” Stoller said.

Finally, give out an autism responder alert sticker to the Westpelzer family with the autism family.

“Then we, fire, paramedics, and anyone who has to deal with them in the public security spectrum, knows that there is someone inside, and perhaps someone in the autism spectrum. Probably, “Sorrel said.

For Stoller, the core of the training program is a little deeper.

Stoller said: “My daughter Kathleen, she’s 26. She’s in the autism spectrum. She was diagnosed when she was 3, 3, and 5.”

He says his experience with his daughter wants to help others learn autism awareness.

“People with disabilities are not disabled and have different abilities, so people need to be careful. They are not lacking, they may just be different abilities,” Stoller said. increase.

The West Pelzer Police Department also opens this training to members of the community if they want to raise awareness of autism.

You will be asked to contact the department for more information.

West Pelzer police chief starts new initiative Source link West Pelzer police chief starts new initiative

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