West Virginia Fights Covid’s Rise After Failing to Build Based on Early Vaccine Success | West Virginia

West Virginia was once One of the main ones The United States states that it is deploying Covid-19 vaccination. Currently, it is one of the countries with the lowest vaccination and the highest infection rate in the country. The medical system is overwhelmed by the record number of patients in hospitals, intensive care units and ventilators.

What’s wrong?

West Virginia has rushed to vaccinate people over the age of 65 and residents of long-term care facilities, reaching a good level of protection among those groups.

However, reaching young West Virginia people was much more difficult.

Republican Governor Jim Justice Vocal supporter Encourage components of vaccination to get jabs on a regular basis. The state was one of the first countries to offer vaccination incentives such as $ 100 savings bonds and lottery tickets, named after the English bulldog of justice. Baby dog, Scholarships, cars, pontoon boats and more. He sharply opposed the conspiracy theory, criticizing health care workers who refused the vaccine, and made the decision “asinine“.

Still, only 39.9% of West Virginia residents are fully vaccinated. Our world in data, Partners with Wyoming at the lowest rates in the country. According to the West Virginia Department of Health, the rate is much higher, 51.7%The reason for the discrepancy is not clear.

And with the delta variant dominance, West Virginia is experiencing the worst surge ever.

“This was more serious than it was seen at any other time in the pandemic,” Dr. Kramersh, head of the state’s Covid response, told the Guardian. And the Delta variant makes young people significantly more ill than the previous waves, he said.

West Virginia has the fastest acceleration of new cases, given its population of about 1.8 million. 52% Increase in new cases last week. Covid-19 hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and ventilator users have all broken past records and continue to grow.

On Saturday alone, the state reported more than 2,200 new cases, with a positive test every 10 times.

“I think more and more people are very anxious about what they see in West Virginia,” said Marsh, who has seen an increase in vaccination due to the recent surge in cases.

The majority of inpatients are unvaccinated, justice Said At a press conference on Friday, and that is especially true for ICU and ventilator people.

Governor Jim Justice presents Timothy Jackson, the latest million-dollar winner of the West Virginia Immunization Sweepstakes, by check on July 14. Photo: AP

“West Virginia, you can stop this. You can stop it,” Justice said. “Vaccines are safe. Vaccines do not invade anyone.” Yet he also criticized Biden’s new vaccination obligations.

Vaccinations are required by some major health systems and certain emergency medical services are also required.West Virginia University faculty Voted Mandatory vaccines for all students and employees.

Access can be an issue in rural, populous states, but Marsh does not believe it is a major contributor to low vaccination coverage. “We have been very active in making access not an issue,” he said. “We go to someone’s house and give them a vaccine.”

Instead, residents tend to be skeptical of the government, the health system, and the vaccine itself. Vaccination is not enough, even at the request of top state leaders.

Justice lifted the state’s Maskman date on June 20th. He said the requirements might come back, but he preferred to leave decisions like these to local jurisdiction.He also Not supported There is a school masking obligation, but Marsh said 51 out of 55 counties have some masking requirements at school.

Almost all states are in the category with the highest risk of viral infection. Justice said there were no signs that West Virginia was approaching its peak, and that it could be Halloween or Thanksgiving before the virus was controlled.

Marsh said the surge put a heavy burden on the health care system.

“In Idaho, where rations are starting, that’s our concern,” says Marsh. However, he said the state has not “yet” implemented critical standard treatments. Selective procedures requiring hospital beds have been postponed.

Unlike other surges, the solution is not as easy as putting together a temporary field hospital. “This time it’s different in that staffing is really limited,” he said. Finding trained health care workers is a major challenge, he said.

Prompt response to preventative measures not only stops this outbreak and prevents the collapse of the medical system, but also prevents the occurrence of other spikes.

Vaccination will be of great help, Marsh said.

West Virginia Fights Covid’s Rise After Failing to Build Based on Early Vaccine Success | West Virginia

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