Western leaders present a united front prior to the Ukrainian parley between Biden and Putin

Western nations call between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin when the U.S. President is expected to elaborate on disciplinary measures to cause “serious” damage to the Russian economy if it invades Ukraine. Showed the united front the night before.

According to information from the White House, the U.S. President hosted talks with French, German, Italian and British leaders on Monday, during which they “about common concerns about Russia’s military buildup at the Ukrainian border. We talked. ”

The Biden administration has accused Russia of preparing for a military invasion of Ukraine, exacerbated the conflict that began with Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, and attracted up to 175,000 troops at the border.

The White House said the leaders “called Russia to ease tensions and agreed to its diplomacy.” .. .. It’s the only way forward to resolve a dispute. ”

A senior government official said Biden had consulted with European allies on Monday prior to calling Putin on Tuesday.

“On economic sanctions, we talked intensively with our European partners about what we would do collectively in the event of Russia’s massive military expansion in Ukraine,” said Monday between Biden and the United States. Officials who were speaking prior to the call added. Allies.

“We will include substantive economic countermeasures by both Europe and the United States that, if they choose to move forward, will cause serious and serious economic harm to the Russian economy. I believe there is a way. “

However, officials added that the United States has no plans to “fall into a situation where the focus of countermeasures is on the direct use of the US military.”

Following Monday’s talks, the Elysee Palace said French President Emmanuel Macron had discussed “the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine” with four other leaders in the so-called Quint province.

“The head of state and the five heads of government … The French statement expresses their determination that Ukraine’s sovereignty will be respected and their commitment to act to maintain peace and security in Europe. I declared it. “

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday to reiterate Washington’s “unwavering support for Ukrainian sovereignty.” .. .. In the face of Russia’s invasion, according to the State Department. ”

Biden’s attempt to contain Putin’s geopolitical ambitions is the ghost of a new hostile act in the eastern Donbas region of the country, killing more than 14,000 people in a conflict with Russian-backed separatists. I raised my stake.

“This may be the last opportunity to escalate,” said Samuel Charap, a Russian expert at Rand Corporation, on Tuesday’s Biden and Putin phone calls. “The stakes can’t be higher anymore, either leading to new diplomacy or making war much more likely.”

In recent weeks, President Putin has revealed that NATO wants legally binding security not to expand to Ukraine or deploy weapons in Ukraine.

Uncategorized US intelligence documents obtained by Reuters show Russia’s military activities on Russian territory and Russia’s attached Crimea near the Ukrainian border © Reuters

Biden’s team will track heavy penalties warnings if Putin chooses to do so, work with allies in an unprecedented package of financial sanctions, and help Ukraine protect itself with additional weapons. We hope to discourage Putin’s invasion by developing military options.

Andrea Kendall-Taylor, who appointed a Russian board member at the National Security Council before Biden resigned for personal reasons, said, “Nothing can be resolved by phone, but it’s an important opportunity to shape the Kremlin’s calculus.” rice field.

According to former Russian officials, the military buildup is partially designed to discourage the Ukrainian government and hawkish elements of the army from trying to force the Donbas separatists.

“No one wants to fight, but they want to say,’Don’t even think about it, or we’ll flatten you completely,” he added. “It’s about containment.”

Moscow blamed tensions to the West by funding the modernization of Ukrainian troops, and accused NATO of causing it by adding new member states near the Russian border.

Satellite images show the location of Russian troops at the Pogonovo training ground in the Voronezh region
Satellite images show Russian troops gathered at the Pogonovo training ground not far from the Donbas region of Ukraine © Maxar Technologies / AP

Russia hopes that future transactions with Ukraine will be legally binding after the West claims that it has agreed to the guarantee it gave the Soviet Union in the final year that NATO will not extend beyond the former East Germany.

Alexander Gabuev, a senior researcher at the Carnegie Moscow Center, said the Kremlin may have already determined that whatever sanctions the United States takes can survive.

The toughest possible measures—exclusions from the Swift banking system—will make it difficult for Europe to buy oil and gas exports that provide much of the continent’s energy. Previous sanctions that blacklisted most of Putin’s aides had the undesired effect of rallying clones and oligarchs around the president, Gabuev said.

These oligarchs are “already under permanent sanctions, so the West has no way to cooperate with them,” Gabuev said. “It creates an army on the Ukrainian border like a Chekhov’s gun-if it hangs on a wall, it will disappear.”

Additional report by Victor Mallet in Paris

Western leaders present a united front prior to the Ukrainian parley between Biden and Putin

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