Westerners boarding the first commercial flight from Kabul – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-09 07:55:06 –

Kabul, Afghanistan-Qatar officials say the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan will allow 100 to 150 Americans to fly out of Kabul within the next few hours.

Since the international airport was closed after the US military withdrew abroad, they set out on their first commercial flight from the international airport.

Qatar Airways’ flight, which landed in Kabul on Thursday with humanitarian aid, carried Americans by ferry from Afghanistan and indicated the resumption of such flights after the United States completed a desperate airlift at the end of August.

Qahtanite envoy Mutlaqbin Majed al-Qahtani said the plane would depart with Americans and Westerners.

“Everyone has a ticket and boarding pass, whether it’s a charter flight or a commercial flight,” he added, adding that another commercial flight will take off on Friday. “Hopefully, life in Afghanistan is getting better.”

Recently, flight organizers trying to evacuate more Americans from Afghanistan have been in conflict with the Taliban. The Taliban said most people at the airport did not have such documents, but they would leave travelers if they had the proper travel documents.

After the United States completed its evacuation efforts on August 31, the State Department confirmed that up to 200 Americans who had previously announced their intention to leave Afghanistan remain in the country.

Sec. Parliamentarian Antony Blinken pointed out that many of these Americans had families in Afghanistan and might have reconsidered their decision to leave. Still, he said the United States is still committed to helping them leave through diplomatic means.

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