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Denver, Colorado 2021-11-30 19:27:58 –

Westminster, Colorado — Neighbors say engine spins and tire squeaks are a staple in Westminster’s RTD parking lot on weekend nights.

“There was always a bit of racing activity in the garage, but it really got worse with COVID in early spring 2020,” Rebecca Letner said on Tuesday.

She lives near the Park and Ride Garage near US36 and Sheridan Boulevard. She says the problem with multiple cars doing things other than parking and boarding seems to have only worsened.

“car [are] Essentially drag racing, moving the garage in the wrong direction, and [doing] The donut at the top of the garage, “said Letner.

The recent incident happened on Saturday night. She found multiple cars at this latest car enthusiast social gathering.

However, the response from RTD and Westminster police was unsatisfactory, she says.

“RTD police say they are understaffed. That’s the problem. Westminster police say they can’t do anything unless RTD demands. They’re both pushing it away from each other.” She said.

A WPD spokesperson asked police officers to go out to the drivers of about seven cars they found on Saturday night, and they say they didn’t find any violations at that time. However, RTD has asked the department to provide additional patrols to the parking lot for the rest of the weekend.

“I feel like they’re definitely dropping the ball,” said Lettner.

She says the problem isn’t just at night, as she videotaped dozens of cars leaving the garage at the request of the RTD Transit Police in April.

Some might argue that it’s better to be there than on the street, but Lettner doesn’t believe it makes a difference.

“It’s not safe. On the other side of the street here, it may not be dangerous in itself, but it’s dangerous for the participants. And it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.” she said.

RTD has provided Denver 7 with the following statement:

“Safety is RTD’s top priority. The purpose of RTD parking is to leave the car while you are in transit. Our parking causes confusion for you and Westminster residents and for people. We are disappointed that it is being used for life and property endangerment purposes. We are working with local law enforcement agencies on incidents that occur at the facility. People about incidents at RTD facilities. If you see, it is advisable to call the RTD Transit Police (303-299-2911). “

There is a camera in the garage, and Lettner wants RTDs and WPDs to use the footage for their research.

RTD also dispatches police officers to the garage for “regular patrols and high visibility”.

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