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Westminster’s elections may be nonpartisan, but partisanship is a big theme in recall contest – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Westminster’s pro-recall and anti-recall election groups say they are not motivated by partisanship, but analysis of campaign materials and new financial statements is a liberal and conservative ideology that is a key theme in campaign messaging. Indicates that there is.

The· Recall City councilman John Voertz, which took place on Tuesday, began last year when the Water Warriors Group tried to expel four members of the council because of their position on water tariffs. However, as the political situation heated up days and weeks before the July 20 election, both sides argued as enthusiastically as the water tariff dispute.

Acting Mayor David Demot leveled the party’s accusations in a Facebook video on Saturday. It was then shared by the Water Warrior.

“I’m not sure who is promoting the partisanship, but they are the people who protect Westminster,” Demot said. “It’s the Defend Westminster people who robbed the Democrats of thousands of dollars, and they’re doing mailers that make you believe that this is somehow about the takeover of a party related to guns.”

A campaign mailer sent by Defend Westminster attacked Kathleen Dodaro, who is running for Voelz when recalled. The mailer included a photo of the headline of a letter to editor Dodaro submitted to The Denver Post n2012, which criticizes gun safety regulations. The mailer’s headline was “A glimpse of extremist recalls here.” agenda…”

Water Warriors posted a photo of the mailer on Facebook. Dodaro raised the issue with Mailer and said she described her as “a right-wing extremist who does not support common-sense gun control.” That is not true. ”

Demot said in a Saturday morning video that Mailer was “the most sneaky and most disruptive literary work I’ve ever seen in the Westminster elections.” In the video, Demot wore a hat with the words “Lions Not Sheep.” This is a clothing brand and slogan accepted by those who believe that the outcome of the 2020 presidential election will be different. Demot has previously expressed support for those who were “peacefully” protesting in Washington, DC on January 6 to seek an investigation into the 2020 elections.

The January 6 riots in the Capitol were deadly, with dozens facing federal criminal accusations in connection with the violence.

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Westminster’s elections may be nonpartisan, but partisanship is a big theme in recall contest Source link Westminster’s elections may be nonpartisan, but partisanship is a big theme in recall contest

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