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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-11 08:59:51 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Companies and industries across the country continue to address employee shortages. This includes schools and educational services.

In addition to posting job openings online, one local school district is trying something new to get potential employees to join the team.

Westside Community Schools will host an Applicant Support Fair on Mondays from 10 am to 2 pm at the Westside Community Center and Glover.

The purpose of this event is to meet applicants in person and answer questions about the job category they are looking for.

“Twenty to thirty years ago, you didn’t apply through a computer. You had a resume, filled out an application, sent it, or went directly. Many people work. We still know that we like that outlet when we apply for, “said Brandy Paul, Director of Communications and Engagement at Westside Community School. “They may be new to technology or really want to talk to someone. That’s great. We love kids and everyone who might be perfect for our team. I would like to make sure that you are welcome. “

Westside says applicants attending the event may quit the trade fair on Monday for a new job.

“We know that there are many people who have a thread in common with us, and that means you love children,” Paul said. “You may have retired, you may have no children at home, you may have been a teacher or your own day care, or you may have experience in facilities and nutrition. Just come talk to us. “

About half of Westside Community Schools employees are not educators. This shows the importance of all positions in the district. They say they have all positions, but they are most looking for custodian, nutritional services, facility maintenance, and teacher assistant positions.

Westside Community Schools holds applicant support fair Source link Westside Community Schools holds applicant support fair

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