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Miami’s withdrawal from star quarterback Deshaun Watson could hurt the Patriots in the long run if they could play in legal affairs.

Deshaun Watson. Justin Rex / AP

By the end of this week, things could be very interesting (reportedly) to the AFC East, including the Patriots.

Whispers from Houston suggest that the Texas are in a “serious” debate to trade star quarterback Deshaun Watson for one of New England’s divisional rivals, the Miami Dolphins. Probably by the weekend..

Watson to Miami Trade Reportedly not yet imminent, And reports (mainly from Houston) can be seen as an attempt by the Texas to loosen the deal before letting go of the quarterback.

However, both sides are heading for a while.

Watson, who has demanded trades this offseason and has been plagued by legal issues, has not played this season for the team that drafted him 11th overall in 2017. The team left him on the roster of 53 people and made him inactive all year round.

But when he was on the field, he was excellent, throwing 14,539 yards and 104 touchdowns in his career, leading the Texas to the playoffs twice.

Although his 26-year-old four-year $ 156 million deal has a trade ban, Miami is said to be one of the teams he wants to play.

Just like that, a team that has lost five games in a row since knocking off the Patriots in the opening round of the season could be one of the best young quarterbacks in football.

There is no mistake. It can be a serious problem for the New England Patriots’ long-term goals.

What does that mean for the Patriots?

First, let’s talk about the elephants in the room. Even if the dolphin trades for him, Watson’s availability for the 2021 season is not guaranteed.

Quarterbacks are currently facing 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct, none of which have yet been resolved. Both the FBI and NFL have investigated the allegations, but neither prosecution nor suspension has been leveled against Watson.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the NFL will put Watson on the Commissioner’s exemption list and potentially won’t prevent him from playing the game until his case is determined.

The deal being made for Watson may show confidence that his legal issues will not keep him off the field, but it is still gambling.

That said, if Watson plays for the Dolphins this season and in the future, the Patriots can be in big trouble.

For one thing, he Tends to play against New EnglandIn four career contests with the Patriots by Pro-Football Reference, he threw an average of nearly 264 yards of passer rating and 102.1 passer ratings, eight touchdowns and three intercepts.

Second, Watson’s presence could change the power structure of the AFC East as long as he is here.

Watson can claim to be on the same level as Josh Allen, the best quarterback in the sector at the moment. Mac Jones is doing well in the rookie season, but he’s not close to either of those players.

With Watson only 26 and Allen only 25, the Patriots could have been stuck for a long time in the third best quarterback in the category. And what if Zach Wilson stops throwing the ball at other teams and Jets places him? That would be a nightmare. But it’s still (hopefully) in the air.

More Immediate Horror Movie: Watch Watson Chuck Deep into Jaylen Waddle in the way he was illuminating it with Will Fuller (now with Dolphins) while the two are together in Houston ..

Of course, adding Watson is unlikely to make this year’s dolphins a magically good team. But next year and next year (assuming he is allowed to play)? Simply putting him on the team makes him a candidate for the Miami playoffs, which makes it difficult for the Patriots to reach the postseason.

That is the reality that New England may face as early as the end of this week.

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