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What are the obstacles to the Covid Vaccine Passport?

All American adults COVID-19 Vaccines, businesses, and borders have reopened, and fierce debate has begun across the United States. Digital health certificate (Often somewhat misleading, “Vaccine passport”) Required to prove the status of vaccination.

the current, American White paper cards will be issued as evidence of the Covid-19 shot, but these are easy to forge. And online scammers We are already selling fake stolen vaccine cards.

The federal government has stated that it will not introduce a digital vaccine passport by federal mandate, More and more companies — From Cruise line Go to Sports Venue — Says you will need a vaccination certificate for admission or service. Hundreds of Digital Health Path initiatives are scrambling to launch apps that streamline the process by providing validated electronic records of vaccinations and negative coronavirus test results.

This drive raises privacy and fairness concerns and Florida And Texas We have banned companies from requesting vaccination certificates. However, developers claim that digital infrastructure is secure and helps speed up the process of resuming society and reviving travel.

Governments, tech companies, airlines, and other companies are testing different versions of digital health paths to ensure that their systems are compatible and have health records in a secure and controlled format. I’m trying to come up with a common standard.

This process presents significant technical challenges, especially due to the large number of app initiatives in progress. For certificates to be useful, countries, airlines, and businesses must agree to common standards and the infrastructure they use must be compatible. In the United States, the complexity of having individual states share vaccination data with various certificate platforms while preserving resident privacy is increasing.

This is what we know about the current state of the digital health path and some of the obstacles we are facing in the United States.

In March, New York became the first state in the United States To activate a digital health certificate called Excelsior Pass This confirms that a person has a negative coronavirus test and is completely vaccinated.

Apps and websites you have now Over 1 million downloadsIs voluntarily provided free of charge to all residents of New York and provides a QR code that can be scanned or printed to verify personal health data. This pass is used by thousands of New Yorkers to enter Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden and other small public places.

Most businesses require you to present your state ID with your Excelsior Pass to prevent potential potential. scam..

In Israel, where more than half of the population is fully vaccinated, residents need to present electronic devices “Green PassAttend places such as gyms, concerts and wedding halls and dine indoors.

European Union Approve electronic vaccine certificate Many European countries will be approved from 1st July I started using itHowever, individual Member States can set their own rules regarding travel requirements.Britain has also begun Covid-19 Certificate System Testing It aims to help businesses resume safely.

Some airlines, such as Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue, are using the Digital Health app Common Pass to begin checking passengers’ Covid-19 test results prior to boarding.International Air Transport Association Health path Used by more than 20 airlines, passengers can upload the health certificate required for overseas travel.

It depends on state regulations. The Biden administration states that there will be no federal immunization system or obligations. Individual states hold major public health authorities in the United States and have the authority to request vaccines.

“We expect the vaccine passport, or whatever you call it, to be driven by the private sector,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a briefing in March. “There is no centralized, universal federal immunization database, and there is no federal obligation to require everyone to have a single vaccination qualification.”

April, Governor Greg Abbott The Texas has issued an executive order banning state-funded government agencies, private companies, and agencies by requiring people to prove that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a similar order, requesting vaccination proof not only “reduces personal freedom” and “harms patient privacy”, but also “two based on vaccination” Make a citizen of the class. “

But those orders may not stick. “The governor has an unstable legal basis,” said Lawrence Gostyn’s director. O’Neill National and World Institute of Health Law At Georgetown University. “Sure, the legislature has the power to regulate businesses in the state and can also prevent counties and local governments from issuing vaccine passports. However, the governor can act on his own. It has no specific authority to regulate the business other than the emergency and other health authority given by the legislature. “

In the United States, there is no centralized federal vaccine database. Instead, the state collects that information. Every state except New Hampshire has its own vaccination registry, and some cities, such as New York, have their own vaccination registries.

Currently, the state needs to share a registry with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but the data is not public and may be withheld.

This means that anyone developing a digital vaccine certificate in the United States will need to obtain vaccination data from individual states. This can be a problem in states that oppose the Health Path Initiative.

One of the problems is in terminology. Passports are issued by the government and certify personal data such as an individual’s name and date of birth. Many people do not pass on sensitive personal health data to private sectors that could be stolen or used for other purposes if something related to the coronavirus is needed. I’m afraid.

“There are many legitimate concerns about how privacy and technology work in these systems, especially since Silicon Valley has no great history of providing technology that enhances privacy,” he said. Linux Foundation Public Health, An organization focused on open source technology.

“And the concept of privacy here is complicated, because you’re finally trying to prove to someone that you’ve received something,” he said. “Because you are not keeping secrets, the challenge is to present and prove something without creating a chain of traceability that could be used forever.”

Linux Foundation Covid-19 Credential Initiative Develop a set of standards to protect privacy in the use of vaccine certificates. The main purpose of this initiative is to establish digital native, cryptographically secure and verifiable credentials (like cards in a wallet), including a set of personal claims.

Some argue that such qualifications will invade personal freedom and personal health choices.

“The’vaccine passport’must be stopped,” former Texas representative Ron Paul wrote in a tweet last week. “Accepting them means accepting the false idea that the government owns your life, body, and freedom.”

Others are worried that digital systems will leave some communities, especially those with no access to smartphones or the Internet.

“The solutions in this area are simple, free and open source, both digital and paper accessible, and protect people’s privacy from the start,” said Jeff Seiens, Coronavirus Coordinator at the White House, in a statement. Must be designed to do. “

The World Health Organization said in April that it had not yet supported requiring a vaccination passport for travel due to uncertainty and impartiality concerns about whether vaccination would prevent the transmission of the virus. However, this organization works with many agencies such as UNICEF, the ITU, and the European Commission. Establish standards and specifications Digital vaccination certificate that may be globally recognized

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What are the obstacles to the Covid Vaccine Passport?

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