What auto-related pandemic behaviors will stay with you?

The pandemic isn’t over, but here in the United States, we’re heading towards normal conditions, and assuming there are no dramatic changes, we’ll get there if more people are vaccinated.

Hopefully the rest of the world will follow in a fairly short order.

Of course, normality may have a slightly different definition in the future. Many of us have changed our behavior over the past year to avoid being infected with the coronavirus, but for some reason some will continue to do so.

I’ve talked to people who say they’ll keep masking at least sometimes, because wearing a mask not only helps them stay COVID-free, but also helps prevent colds and the flu.

As for me, I have a small spray bottle of hand sanitizer sold by Walgreen’s in my car. In addition to changing cars every week, bloggers couldn’t afford to buy an Instacart and had to go to the grocery store.I’ve done that throughout the pandemic, knowing that the virus spreads primarily through droplets, but nevertheless Is Viruses on your hands can be killed before you touch your face.

I wasn’t the type to carry a purel before the pandemic, but I’ve always been diligently washing my hands. But I might be such a person after the pandemic. At least I can leave a bottle of disinfectant in my car in the near future. At least, after the world is completely reopened and the virus threat is reduced, I will replace it until I’m exhausted. Forget about it and quietly go back to the old way.

What changes have you made in the car industry as a result of the pandemic? Can you put a disinfectant in the car like I do?Would you like to wear a mask with Uber when you no longer need it? Do you drive more? For fun Or to avoid public transport? Something else?

Make a sound below.

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What auto-related pandemic behaviors will stay with you?

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