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Chaim Bloom, the team’s chief baseball officer, said the WEEI sale is about to return to the Red Sox.

Chris Sale. Mary Schwarm / AP

Chaim Bloom isn’t here to ease the excitement of Red Sox starter Chris Sale’s final return to the team’s first rotation.

“He’s really close now” He told WEEI’s Greg Hill Show Thursday morning.

Ace’s left-handed player was on a mission to rehabilitate from Tommy John’s surgery, hitting a 6 and throwing a 32/3 hitless inning. At the start of his rehab With Double A Portland Sea Dogs on Tuesday. If he continues this way in the minor leagues, he will start without frustration and his first start in the Red Sox since 2019 will not be too far away.

But Bloom says he’s also trying to be realistic about what he can give the team when the sale comes back. That may mean adding weapons to staff next week.

Bloom hinted on Thursday that the re-addition of the sale to the Red Sox would not prevent the team from taking action on the closing deadline to enhance its amazing playoffs.

“It’s definitely something to consider as if you were considering a potential deal,” he said. “You see the teams and players you have, and he’s likely to be part of it. But at the same time, anyone who has passed this deadline, triple A, whether it’s at the Big League level. No matter how deep you are, you will be on the rest of the road.

It’s not enough to say, “Hey, there are 26 guys we like, let’s go.” You need to make sure that you have enough room to withstand any bumps or bruises that may occur in any way. He is clearly part of the big picture, we need to take it into account, and we need to take him into account. But I don’t think we’re sitting with our arms crossed and saying we’re fine just because he’s back. “

Of course, Bloom didn’t specify that the team was looking only at the pitcher. There is no doubt that there are many fielders that the Red Sox may consider before the MLB trading deadline expires next Friday.

But it’s no secret that the Red Sox focused on a few veteran pitchers this month. Including former Phillies Ace Cole Hamels..

The team’s starting staff performed well overall in 2021, but questions still remain about the rotation backend, especially Garrett Richards and Martin Perez.

If he stays healthy and builds towards full power by the playoff time, sales will definitely enhance rotation.

Still, Red Sox executives want to keep the socks from being “hunted down” by the sale, despite the sale’s natural competitiveness, and not expecting much of him too soon.

“We don’t have to be able to go to 9 [innings] When he first started a major league match, “Bloom said.

If so, the Red Sox will need someone or more to eat the innings and not put pressure on the sail’s healing arms and bullpen. That could mean a six-person rotation or a move to a long relief role for Richards or Perez. Tanner Howk can also act as a pinch spot starter.

But, as Bloom suggested, it goes without saying that the Red Sox won’t try to add at least one more talented arm to the mix later in the season.

What Chris Sale’s Red Sox return could mean for trade deadline plans Source link What Chris Sale’s Red Sox return could mean for trade deadline plans

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