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What Coloradans need to know about COVID-19 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-25 20:00:37 –

With so much information published daily about the Colorado Springs — COVID-19 pandemic, here’s a review and preview of what’s happening in southern Colorado related to the virus.


It is now called an unvaccinated pandemic by local, state, and federal level leaders. 90% of new cases in Colorado are among unvaccinated people, with more than 80% nationwide.

Governor Police announced this week that the state will distribute a $ 100 ar Wal-Mart gift card to those who receive the first or second vaccination. Another incentive is a community college scholarship. It is currently available throughout the state.

More than 3 million people are fully vaccinated in Colorado. The three vaccines available provide strong protection against delta variants, which are currently the primary diagnosis among unvaccinated individuals in Colorado.

Pop-up and mobile vaccine clinics will continue to be available. You should check the State Health Department website for more information. No reservation or insurance required.

Delta’s subspecies population is also driving growth nationwide, with over 27,000 new cases daily, most of which occur in three states: Texas, Missouri, and Florida. The number of deaths nationwide increased by nearly 50% last week, averaging 239 per day, and the infection rate has increased by 200%.

There is currently debate here and across the country about returning to school. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that students and teachers over the age of 2 wear masks, whether or not they are vaccinated. It is recommended that the CDC has not yet signed off. Here in Colorado, the State Department of Health currently follows the CDC guidelines, but continues to rely on community management.

Governor Police is not considering implementing new restrictions or returning to previous restrictions or corporate obligations, as our positive rate is still below 3% at this point, and we will do so individually. He said he would leave it to the county.


This week is the first full week of the Tokyo Olympics.

Covid-19 restrictions remain at the forefront and central position as more positive cases emerge, and world health leaders are closely monitoring the situation.

For the game itself, we broadcast live newscasts from the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum four, five, and six times daily.

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