What could ruin this year’s holiday shopping and why you should start early

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Summer isn’t officially over, but some Americans are already thinking about holidays.

In fact, 27% of holiday shoppers plan to start buying gifts by the end of September. Survey by This includes 13% that will start or will start in August. Voting was conducted by YouGovPlc. From August 18th to 20th, we surveyed 2,410 adults, of whom 1,810 qualified as holiday shoppers.

“Some people are becoming more organized, and others are worried that things may sell out or take longer to deliver,” said Ted Rothman, senior industry analyst at Told.

“Some people are always in this bargain hunting mode.”

Trading is usually seen before and after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but last year COVID pandemic Pushed more shoppers online. As a result, retailers began cutting prices in early November or earlier.

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As the second pandemic holiday season approaches, Delta Variant creates uncertainty about which stores will open on Black Friday and how much capacity. examination.

There are also concerns about the availability of merchandise. Supply chain issues.. The last thing parents want is to miss that necessities.

Here’s how to find the right wallet movement and wishlist:

It makes sense to shop early

If you start early, you may find some deals and you will be able to compare prices without pressure. Just stick to your list.

“One of the risks of starting early is probably overbuying,” Rothman said.

Inventory concerns are a major reason for the surge in gift purchases as Covid disrupts the supply chain.

If you really want something, you might be gambling waiting for a discount, Ellsworth said. If you value a particular product over buying a bargain, the ideal time to act is September and October.

This is especially true for toys. Not only can there be supply chain problems, but there can also be a large amount of demand. According to Ellsworth, some LEGO Advent calendars are already sold out.Includes other hot items Squish Maro Marvel movie Morris character plush toy “Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring.. “

“Keep an eye on the toys you want to buy and buy them as soon as possible,” Ellsworth said.

If you wait for Black Friday to handle appliances, don’t expect to get them during the holiday season. Your better bet on holiday availability is to look for sales now, she advised. On the other hand, the shipment of furniture has been delayed so much that it is not scheduled to be delivered at the end of the year.

Keep an eye on the toys you want to buy and buy them as soon as possible.

Kate Ellsworth

Editor-in-chief of reviewed commerce content

According to Ellsworth, no video game consoles can be found this season. When PlayStation 5 or XBox is released, it will sell out in minutes.

“Don’t wait for the sale. There will be no sale,” she advised. “They will fall. Buy them now.”

The best bet Follow your Twitter account Track expected replenishment.

She said the new Nintendo Switch will go on sale October 8th and will soon sell out.

If you are shopping online, another thing to consider is shipping.U.S. post office already Presentation According to Ellsworth, interest rates have been raised temporarily since October 3.

Lean apparel inventory

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For apparel such as sweaters, boots and holiday wear, it’s better to wait until November, said Jeffreys retail analyst Janine Stichter.

This is because the retailer is currently out of stock due to late delivery.

“Everything is stuck,” she said.

However, please move when Stichter’s store is in stock in November. Retailers usually tend to restock their products during the holiday season, but this year it’s unlikely.

“If you don’t buy it and it sells out, it won’t be available again,” Stichter said.

The best time to get great deals

What could ruin this year’s holiday shopping and why you should start early

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