What critics are saying about Disney’s new movie

Disney’s Encant is centered around Madrigal, an extraordinary family who lives hiding in the mountains of Colombia and is blessed with unique gifts.


Walt Disney Animation Studios According to critics, since 1937, it has been distributing fascinating feature-length animated films to the masses. Its 60th feature film “Encanto” is one of the best.

Scheduled to be screened in theaters before Thanksgiving, the film revolves around Madrigal, a family who lives hiding in what is known as the Encant in the mountains of Colombia.

The family arrived at Encant after Abuela Alma was forced to flee the house with her baby triplets. She was given a miracle, which provided her with a magical home and congratulated all the children of the family with a unique gift except Mirabel.

But when the magic surrounding Encant is in jeopardy, the foundation of the house breaks and Madrigal’s power disappears, Mirabel is the one who steps up and finds a way to stop it.

The film has been highly praised by critics for its animated style, versatility and “attractive” songs. It currently holds a 93% “fresh” rating for Rotten Tomatoes from 82 reviews.

“Disney’s 60th animation feature is one of the best,” said Scott Mendelson in a Forbes movie review.

“Even with some tough undertones and regular downbeat theme elements, it’s generally a fun and thrilling colorful fantasy, and of course how much visual wonder we have in modern animation. It makes me realize again what I think, “he wrote.

Before making its debut on Wednesday, some critics thought about Disney’s “Encant”:

Maya Philips, The New York Times

Stephanie Beatriz speaks to Mirabel Madrigal at Disney’s Encanto.


Caroline Siede, AV Club

Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Ravi Cabot Connies speaks to Antonio Madridgal, who has the ability to talk to animals at Disney’s “Encant.”


Scott Mendelson, Forbes

What critics are saying about Disney’s new movie

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