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NSn In some respects Delta variant Changed everything in the Covid-19 pandemic. The same rules apply in other cases.

Prior to the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 variants in the United States, the Covid-19 vaccine significantly reduced the number of cases. They prevented people from getting infected. And it was unlikely that infected vaccinated people would infect others.

Even with Delta, that’s all true.


Despite the threat of Delta, vaccinated people are less likely to be infected with Covid-19 than unvaccinated people.

However, this variant appears to cause a higher percentage of breakthrough infections (infections in vaccinated people) than other variants, and vaccinated people are also symptomatic. It reports a high rate of certain illnesses. Also, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some infected vaccinated people seem to carry about the same level of virus in the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) as unvaccinated people.


The discovery was combined with an outbreak investigationIndicates that vaccinated people are more likely to be infected with the virus and can be as infectious as unvaccinated people. However, people who have been vaccinated with an infectious disease may have a shorter duration of infection than those who have not been vaccinated. This means that on average, fewer additional people will be infected with the virus.

Even for vaccinated people, “the game has changed a bit,” said Stephen Kistler, an epidemiologist at Harvard TH Chan Public Health School.

New discoveries about infection led the CDC this week It is recommended to wear a mask Even by vaccinated people, indoors in public places, in areas of the country where substantial infection of the virus is seen. CDC presentation What the Washington Post obtained has raised universal masking as a way to combat the infectivity of the Delta. Authorities estimated that this was equivalent to chickenpox. The main concern is that vaccinated people have a strong reaction after vaccination, including those who have not been vaccinated (including children under the age of 12 who are not yet vaccinated) or those who are immunocompromised. It has the potential to spread the virus to people who may not have shown it.

Stephen Goldstein, a virologist at the University of Utah, said: “Here I feel that vaccinated people can be part of those chains.”

Both the CDC and outside experts believe that vaccinated people fuel only a small portion of the entire Covid-19 infection. As a result, it is unclear how effective requiring the wearing of a mask is to slow the circulation of the virus.

However, the new CDC guidelines may strengthen efforts by local governments to re-impose mask rules for everyone and may help ensure that unvaccinated people comply with the rules. ..

The new mask guidance is also an attempt to buy more time in the country to get more people vaccinated. If the community can reduce infections and vaccinate more people, it can protect more people from the worst consequences. After all, Shot is almost for hospitalization and death, even though Delta can cause milder cases of Covid-19 more often among vaccinated people than other forms of the virus. Protect universally (with very rare exceptions).

Data show that daily vaccination numbers are increasing in areas of the United States that are currently besieged by the virus. A new round of vaccine obligations from government agencies and businesses may help boost immunization rates.

However, there are stories that vaccinated people are infected with Covid-19 and feel uncomfortable making news. The CDC presentation estimates 35,000 symptomatic breakthrough infections per week.

In general, vaccines are designed to prevent serious illness and have proven to be very successful in that regard. Even the “mild” Covid-19 could have someone in place for several days, but without the vaccine, some of those currently mild cases would have been severe or even dead.Making subsequent infections more and more mild — many are already asymptomatic — how vaccines can help turn the coronavirus out of a serious threat. What is expected to be just a nuisance over time..

There are also several biological reasons that make you feel sick after a breakthrough infection, especially when infected with a delta mutant. It is difficult to build a strong immune response in the nose and throat, especially when the shot is sent to the arm. Also, Delta is good at growing rapidly in upper respiratory tract cells, so it can begin to cause symptoms before the immune system is activated.

However, the immune response provided by the vaccine is excellent at dodging the virus before it invades the lungs. This is when a serious illness occurs. the study Announced Thursday, monkeys also showed lower levels of antibodies needed to block the virus in the lungs than in the upper respiratory tract. This suggests why vaccines are better at protecting against serious illnesses than completely blocking the infection.

Delta’s main threat remains How contagious it is.. This allowed the virus to run through communities in low-vaccination states such as Arkansas, Florida, Nevada, and Missouri, and its spread and consequences were primarily for those who were not vaccinated with Covid-19. Occurred between.

To slow down the more contagious pathogens, you need more protection than you need to control the less effective spreaders. Vaccines help build these breakwaters, but the United States has helped the virus dominate. This is because so many people remain vulnerable, Officials argue mainly, and many, of course, have abandoned mitigation efforts.NS. Delta now complicates plans to reopen life, work, and school, but after a year of isolation, individuals have returned to their previous social practices.

Some communities with low immunization rates are currently seeing the largest pandemic surge. The fear is that the start of school in the coming weeks will be a transmission if these outbreaks are not contained and more people are not vaccinated, especially if the school is not open with precautions such as masking and ventilation. Is the possibility of adding fuel.

“We are combining these truly dire scenarios with minimal effort to spread the virus and contain the more contagious virus,” Goldstein said.

Eventually, the surge ignited in the delta will fade, as shown in other countries. The explosion of Delta-led incidents in India, where variants were first seen, has returned to near pre-Delta levels. After another peak, cases are now declining in the UK. This often foresaw the US experience throughout the pandemic, with a few exceptions. We certainly don’t know why more people are protected by infections and vaccinations, behavioral changes, and more combinations of factors, but the waves are declining elsewhere.

Even if the number of cases is increasing again in the United States, there is one relative silver lining. It is a reduction in deaths.

On average, Delta can cause more serious illnesses than some other viruses — scientists are still organizing this — and deaths have increased in recent weeks. However, the vaccine still does the incredible job of preventing Covid-19 from becoming fatal, and so many vulnerable people are protected, 4 in 5 of the elderly. More than one person is fully vaccinated. The death toll has not increased As much as they were in the pre-vaccination wave.

At this point, it counts as a victory.

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