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What does a more contagious virus mean for schools?

“Looking at what’s happening in the UK and thinking about this new variant, seeing an increase in all cases, I remember it in the context of the school opening with little change. It must be kept, “said Dr. Jenkins. “I would like to see a real example of such a country, state, or place that has succeeded in managing things at school.”

There are several examples in the United States.

Elimbromagi, an immunologist at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, advised the Governor of Rhode Island and schools in southern Massachusetts on the precautions needed to get the coronavirus back. Schools that adhere to the guidelines have not seen many infections, even when the virus is prevalent in the region at high levels, Dr. Brommage said.

“When the systems are properly designed and take children to school, they are just as safe, if not safer, than hybrid or remote systems,” he said.

The school that Dr. Bromage’s children attend has taken additional precautions. For example, managers closed the school a few days before Thanksgiving to reduce the risk of family gatherings and remote-controlled the week after the holidays.

Authorities tested nearly 300 students and staff at the end of the week, found only two cases and decided to resume.

“It gave us confidence that our population does not represent what we see in the wider community,” he said. “We used the data and decided to come back together.”

The cost of the test is $ 61 per child, but schools that can’t afford it can consider testing only teachers. The data suggest that the virus “is more likely to move from teacher to teacher than from student to teacher.”

What does a more contagious virus mean for schools?

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