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The long-standing science fiction metaphor of robots gaining consciousness has sparked endless debate about whether machines can actually perceive, that is, whether they can feel and perceive things.

The question recently found a new life after leaving engineers on vacation, claiming that Google encountered sensibilities with its artificial intelligence chatbot generator.

According to Google, the language model of LaMDA, or interactive applications, is a technology that allows you to engage in “free-flowing” conversations. Trillions of words are sourced from books and articles on the Internet, trying to understand how a language works and to find common ground between words in order to mimic that speech.

A Google engineer who spoke to LaMDA as part of his work published a record of a wide range of “interviews” with bots. This included conversations about the emotions and fears that bots could feel and understand.

There are several ways to define sensibilities, but they generally include the ability to react like a living thing, from positive states like joy to negative states like pain. Newsy spoke to experts, saying that LaMDA, if it could give a sensible answer to a complex question, is not sensible.

“The sensibilities of Google chatbots come from decades of human text, collecting data from sensuous human text,” said Robert Pless, Dean of Computer Science at George Washington University. increase. “And the feeling you see isn’t that of a chatbot, but it’s the feeling of all of us that we put in the data in that it’s like giving you.”

“What we see in conversations with LaMDA is not only the training, but also the selection of prompts organized by humans interacting with the machine,” said Emily M. Bender, a professor of linguistics. I am saying. University of Washington. “If you start asking something like” Are you sensory? ” You can access some of your training data and get answers about it. “

It is also unclear whether the AI ​​mind reflects the human mind. If AI has perceptual power, it may think and recognize differently from humans.

“There are all sorts of different hearts in the world,” said Jeff Sebo of New York University. “Octopus has a completely different mindset and sensation than we do, but it’s still important because they can experience the joy, pain, happiness, and suffering of their version. Similarly, AI Even if you have a completely different way of thinking and feeling, it can still be a problem for us. “

Even if Google’s creation is non-perceptual, vendors say it’s important not to misunderstand that these systems are beyond intelligent-more than they have the ability to spit out the information programmed into them. I have one. This can lead to automation bias, which is the assumption that automation systems like GPS are more correct than humans.

“I think there’s a kind of feed in the hype that machines are intelligent and people call them perceptual, they’re probably intelligent,” Sebo said. “If more people come to accept what the machine says and they are in power over others, it starts to cause a lot of problems.”

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