What does Biden mean by “unity”?Republicans want more than words

New White House spokesman Jen Psaki later dismissed the idea that Mr Biden’s opening policy initiative wasn’t fulfilling his promise of unity, and unemployment insurance, school reopening, and speeding up vaccine distribution are partisan issues. Insisted that it was not. She added that Mr Biden’s commitment was to listen to Republicans and take them seriously, not necessarily agreeing with them in all respects.

“They would say they weren’t looking for something symbolic,” said Pusaki. “They want engagement, they want conversation, they want dialogue. That’s exactly what he’s trying to do.”

The Republican Party has proposed that Mr. Biden provide a way to illegal citizenship for 11 million people in the country, while at the same time suspending many deportations and suspending the construction of Mr. Trump’s border wall. He complained that there was no dialogue before announcing the immigration law. They said that politeness is not the same as unity.

“Transpartisan isn’t the tone, it’s the policy,” said Josh Holmes, a longtime adviser to Republican leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky senator. “And I think he understood the tone, but it’s not unity. If you’re doing something fundamentally partisan, unity won’t last for sure.”

Democrats ridiculed and maintained Republican moans, given McConnell’s extensive track record of sabotage. The Republican Party was also responsible for meeting Mr. Biden on the way. In addition, they said unity did not require the unilateral surrender of Mr Biden’s promise during the campaign.

“If they work with him, he will work with them,” said John D. Podesta, a former White House Chief of Staff and Obama counselor under Mr. Clinton. “But that doesn’t mean abandoning your core program. And when he says,” I think you’ve gone too far in tax cuts for the wealthy, “they said,” Well, that’s not serious about unity. It means no, “says, it’s just a joke.

What does Biden mean by “unity”?Republicans want more than words

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