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Imagine – at midnight, everyone is asleep, but the sound of an intruder breaks the silence and everyone wakes up. When one person approaches the fuss with a pistol in his hand, the criminal is focused. It’s a raccoon, shooting a trash can with a rifle and hitting a house.

This scenario wasn’t dangerous, but those who felt threatened picked up a pistol just in case.

According to Pew Research, this is a familiar scene in the United States. About 67% of gun owners bought guns for protection. This is a right that is widely regarded as guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

“The rights of well-regulated militias and those who hold and hold weapons necessary for the security of a free nation must not be violated,” Framer wrote.

Historians have stated that their intentions have been controversial since the ink dried in 1791.

The American Revolutionary War is still fresh, and the founders have created a second amendment to the Constitution to allow the state to retain militias capable of repelling tyranny invasion.

To this day, many gun supporters argue that the Second Amendment gives individuals a comprehensive constitutional right to own a gun that surpasses all laws.

But the Supreme Court, at least not yet, interprets it that way.

In 2008, the court ruled that the amendments apply to individuals rather than 2008 state militias. In that case, the court ruled that the second amendment would give most individuals the right to have a reasonable gun at home for self-defense.

However, the judge emphasized that the rights of the Second Amendment to the Constitution are not unlimited.

In the future, the legal interpretation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution may soon be expanded again. The courts are set to file proceedings asking if people have the right to carry guns in public.

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