What Getting A DUI Means For Drivers

A DUI means that you were driving under the influence. Generally, this means that you’ve been driving with alcohol levels beyond the limits set by your state. In severe cases, this can also mean that you’ve been found driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. Because of the effects that alcohol and drugs have on your body and mind, you’re considered unsafe to drive a vehicle. However, despite the risk you pose to others, you still did so.

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you should be ready for the consequences that follow. The fines, penalties, possible imprisonment, and lawyer appearances are just the beginning. If you aren’t able to manage your DUI well, this can mean serious, life-long consequences for many. It can take a huge toll on your mental health, job, and even your social life.

That said, it’s important to understand what getting a DUI can mean for drivers, to encourage you NOT to commit this offense. Here’s some important information you should know:

  1. What A DUI Offense Means

You may understand by now that you can get charged with a DUI when you’ve been driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This is the case whether you’ve met an accident or not.

In general, a drunk driving charge can be any of the following:

  • Dangerous driving involving high levels of alcohol,
  • A ‘Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol’ (PCA) offense,
  • Refusing to give a blood sample or breath analysis.

Generally, each state or locality hasits respective standards on the different alcohol limits that you have to follow. This is highly dependent on the kind of license you have, among others. So, before enjoying a fun night out with your buddies, be sure that you’re aware of your local alcohol limits.

  1. Possibility Of Jail Time

Right after your charge, you’ll be arrested. You’ll be taken into custody, where your fingerprint will be taken and you’ll be photographed. This means that your DUI will result in a life-long record. Depending on how serious it is, there could even be some employers who can use this as a basis for NOT accepting you into a job application.This website can give you some information you’ll need relating to the legal matters surrounding a DUI charge, such as the services of a lawyer to guide you through your arrest.

Along with that, you can also face the possibility of jail time. To further discourage drinking and driving, many states give jail sentences even to first-time offenders. If you belong to this group of offenders, you can usually expect to spend a day or two in jail. Then, following that, there’s also mandatory community service.

For repeat offenders—and if there are aggravating circumstances like someone was injured or worse, died—this could mean a very long jail sentence while awaiting and during your hearing.

  1. Employment Or Education Fallout Can Happen

Your DUI charge won’t just affect you in the short-term or right after the accident happens. To make you further understand how important it is to stay out of drinking and driving, the penalties can also be long-term.

One of the most severe is employment or education fallout. A common consequence related to employment is that you can no longer drive for a certain timebecause your license has been suspended. If your job is centered on driving, such as if you’re a truck driver, then this can mean the loss of employment.

If you have a family to feed, then that’s a serious economic consequence that will have detrimental effects on your children—all because you failed to follow the law.

  1. Going To Court

If your DUI charge also comes with other charges, like someone was severely injured or died, this means that you’ll also be going to court. Your DUI offense will now result in a full-blown trial, which is exhausting, to say the least.

Hence, you’ll have to take in the services of a lawyer that can help you navigate through your charge as smoothly as possible. It also entails preparing for each hearing, which involves gathering the necessary documentary evidence if you want to rebut or refute your charge, getting character references, or preparing for a plea bargain.


All these considered, these should give you an idea as to how a DUI can affect your life and those around you. Your family can be affected as well, especially when your DUI means that you can no longer work for a certain period or that you have to serve jail time. These effects can also run anywhere from the short to the longterm. To avoid any of these, it’s very important to just follow the law: don’t drink and drive. Don’t let your safety and that of others come at the expense of having fun.

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