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What happened during fight in Corey Orgeron’s law office? Orgeron and his client disagree | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Roydall Lumar depicts a dramatic scene that led to a battle in the office of his former lawyer, Ascension Parish Councilor Corey Orgeron, about a week ago. The battle left the 28-year-old monastery with ruptured lips and swelling. face.

Olgeron, who has been accused of council meetings and his actions with other councilors, has a very different view that he was actually a victim. It’s hard to say who’s account is more accurate, as law enforcement agencies provide very little detail.

According to Lumar, Olgeron, 56, tore a $ 5,000 check on the face of Lumar, a check a city council member was waiting for him around noon on October 15.

Lumar argues that the alleged outburst of anger led to a physical quarrel, with a strong first-term councilor on the sofa in Olgeron’s office, above a strong truck driver. Lumer claims that Olgeron was holding his knees in Lumer’s chest and pulling on the man’s dreadlocks to hit his face.

“And he was holding me down, like,’This is what you want. This is what you want,'” Luma recalled in an interview on Friday.

“He had pure hatred in his face and in his eyes,” he added.

Lumar said Olgeron’s actions did not match the male slogan, which is the number of characters.

In addition to a sort of provocative and flammable behavior, Olgeron’s critics, facing election recalls, led his fellow council members to blame him for violating the council’s code of conduct. As another example, we seized the case on October 15.

But, as Olgeron says, Lumar was an invader, and Olgeron’s actions were self-defense.

Olgeron claimed that he was temporarily overtaken and beaten by an unexpectedly warlike client, but later rode on a man to put him under control and never hit him. .. The councilor says he had a bruise on his body and head, with a protracted anxiety that unexpectedly appeared at a subsequent council meeting.

Parliamentary accusations revolved around his explosion during a public drainage meeting on Monday, three days after the battle.

“I shouldn’t have gone to the meeting … I didn’t feel sick that afternoon. I felt okay, but apparently it wasn’t,” Olgeron said in an interview on Friday.

Records show that each man portrayed each other as an attacker, and Sheriff Ascension’s agent quoted both men with a single count of simple batteries and released them in a misdemeanor summon.

With the exception of a short media statement on Thursday, both men gave conflicting explanations of what had happened and said they had blamed each other, but the sheriff’s agent decided they had happened in Olgeron’s office. Did not provide any further information about that.

The sheriff’s report, obtained through a request for public records on Friday, does not provide details of what lawmakers have learned. The story of the report provides only one sentence, saying that the responding lieutenant was dispatched to Orgelon’s office “in connection with the mayhem” off the post office road.

The rest of the page is blank.

Upon request for records, departments typically do not provide follow-up survey reports that include descriptive accounts. Sheriff spokesman Donovan Jackson refused to share the details of these reports on Friday, confirming what the man had said to lawmakers at the time.

Olgeron was dealing with Luma’s workers’ accident compensation lawsuit in the Parish of St. Tamany, both men said. The lawsuit alleges that Lumar was hit by a car on a delivery job and injured his back and neck. Since then, Lumar has hired a new lawyer.

The man agreed that Orgelon had agreed to help Lumer take out a loan for a future settlement he might receive from the case to help recover from the hurricane “Aida.”

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Olgeron said he had prepared a check for Lumer, but said he refused to hand it over after Lumer essentially fired him as his lawyer in his office. The men disagreed on where to bring his proceedings and how well Orgelon represented Lumar’s interests.

Orgeron, who had to co-sign the check, said he didn’t want to risk being responsible for paying back the $ 5,000 loan monetized by someone who was no longer his client.

When asked no, Olgeron insisted that Lumar claps at Olgeron’s desk and says he will not leave the office.

Lumer hit him with a sucker, Olgeron insisted, Olgeron stumbled and hit the floor, and Lumer kicked him around his torso and head.

Orgelon said he had never broken a check. He also said that after Lumer kicked him on the floor and hit him, he rode on Lumer on the couch and pulled his dreadlocks to calm him down and control him.

Olgeron said he put his knees on Lumer and gave him his forearm twice across his nose, but never hit him with his closed fist.

A councilor insulted the general public, who had personally criticized him, after Robert clapping his hand at the table “silently” during the drainage meeting on Monday, which caused Olgeron’s accusations, and another councilor. Actively confronted Joel Robert.

Olgeron said Robert’s actions were immediately linked to what happened to him at the law firm on Friday, October 15.

“I said,’This is what happened to me on Friday.’ When Joel claps his hand at the desk and says’shut up,’I didn’t let him do what happened on Friday.” Said Orgelon. Said.

Robert never left his seat as lawmakers moved quickly to manage the situation.

Orgelon said he was having a hard time admitting to himself that someone had physically improved him.

“I don’t play the victim. I’m not the victim …. (sighs) … so I took a full week off to straighten my head,” he added. ..

He apologized to the council for the case.

In an interview, Lumar argued that he had kicked Olgeron to the ground, claiming that Olgeron had hit him several times.

Lumar also accuses Orgelon of misleading the sheriff’s agent.

Lumar said the deputy sheriff had told him that Orgelon had said he had no checks of existence. As evidence, Lumar showed a video taken in his car, stating that he was recording his interactions with his lieutenant shortly after the October 15 incident.

In the video, a man who looks like an adjutant says Olgeron told him, “He didn’t have a (check) there.” When Lumar immediately disputed what Olgeron said, the adjutant replied, “I can’t search for everything in him.”

Both men said they both called 911 for help. Sheriff spokesman Jackson said he didn’t know who called.

What happened during fight in Corey Orgeron’s law office? Orgeron and his client disagree | News Source link What happened during fight in Corey Orgeron’s law office? Orgeron and his client disagree | News

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