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The “This Is Us” flashforward is part of the show’s most important scene. This series has already revealed many major developments in what will happen in the future. This is what we have ever known.

this is us Season 5 is in full swing. Pearson’s welcomes us home every week and tells more stories.One of the main elements of this is us Use of flashforward. The writer uses flashforward to uncover what’s going on in the future and question how the character got there.

The main flashforward is the key to that method this is us Probably finished. As Season 5 continues, it’s important to remember what happened with the flashforwards we’ve seen so far. Each publication means more questions, but all of our questions will be answered by the end of Season 6 of the show!

Annie and Deja are fine

Lyric Ross as a young Deja. (NBC)

Until the February 23 episode, Annie and Deja weren’t seen in any of the flashforwards. Their absence caused the theory to prevail. Tess will be very present in the future, but the fate of Annie and Deja has been left in the air.

At the end of the February 23 episode, the new FlashForward is the adult Deja (Latrice Harper) I am pregnant. Annie (Iyana Halley), And still all growing, he takes Deja to Kevin’s house to meet the rest of the family who say goodbye to Rebecca. At this point, Annie seems to be the only one who knows what Deja is expecting. Deja will also be a medical intern in the future. And there are no signs of Kate yet.

Rebecca is dying

Mandy Moore
Season 5 premiere Rebecca. (NBC)

In one major flashforward scene, an elderly Rebecca is lying in bed when it comes to saying that the family looks like a farewell.she is Near death.. When Randall enters the room to see Rebecca, he must say: “It’s Randall. Your son, Randall.” At the beginning of Season 4, Rebecca learned that she had “mild cognitive impairment,” and MRI showed her. The first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease..

Nicky is on the side of Rebecca

Griffin Dunne
Nicky will return to Pearson’s life in the future. (NBC)

Nicky Pearson will find a way to return to the rest of the family at some point in the future. Nicky is at her bedside when Kevin and Randall go to Rebecca’s room. Randall greets him and Nicky hugs Kevin as he comes in. Nicky is married in FlashForward, but I don’t know who he is married to. He leaves the room and gives Randall and Kevin time to be alone with Rebecca. Nicky and Rebecca aren’t very close at the moment. In short, Nicky and Rebecca get to know each other better over the years.

Kate is still missing

Chrissy Metz
Kate hasn’t been seen in FlashForward yet. (NBC)

I was able to get a glimpse of the future with FlashForward, Kate was not seen In one of them. Toby tells Randall at Kevin’s house, “I talked to Jack, and they’re on their way.” Toby has not identified who is with Jack. It may be Kate, but the show could be giving us a big twist. When Randall first calls on Toby to come home, Toby hesitates at first. Randall says, “She wants you to be there.”

Randall and Beth are still married

Sterling K Brown
Randall and Beth are still happy and will be in love in the future. (NBC)

Randall and Beth continue to grow strongly. When Randall and Beth greet each other when they arrive at Kevin’s house, Beth’s wedding ring is displayed.

Kevin has twins

Justin Hartley
Kevin and Madison have twins. (NBC)

At first, fans thought Kevin had only a son. Early in Season 4, when the family arrives, Kevin’s son roams his father’s house.Fans learned it at the Season 4 finale Kevin has twins.. As Madison tells him today, Kevin’s daughter in FlashForward hugs her dad in Rebecca’s room following her twin brothers.

The relationship between Kate and Toby is uncertain

Chris Sullivan
Toby was seen in FlashForward, but not in Kate. (NBC)

Toby appears alone at Kevin’s house, and he doesn’t even wear a wedding ring. “I’m glad you came,” Randall tells Toby.Fans think of Kate and Toby in a flashforward conversation between Randall and Toby May get divorced in the future.

What Happened Ever – Hollywood Life

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