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In this court sketch, Ghislaine Maxwell sits at a defense table, watching the testimony of witnesses during a trial on Tuesday in New York.

Elizabeth Williams / AP

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Elizabeth Williams / AP

In this court sketch, Ghislaine Maxwell sits at a defense table, watching the testimony of witnesses during a trial on Tuesday in New York.

Elizabeth Williams / AP

The first witness to the trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell ran for federal court in Manhattan this week.

Maxwell, 59, has been accused of recruiting a girl and participating in sexual abuse by Financier, who died in custody in 2019, and Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. She has been charged with several ferrony counts, including trafficking in minors.

This is a case of worldwide attention, partly because of the powerful and famous man associated with Epstein.

The high-profile trials are flooded with media and curious spectators. It also attracts many opportunists inside and outside the courtroom, and people use that moment to oppose the Covid-19 vaccine, brag about YouTube, and blame the “devil’s courtroom.”

The first whistleblower takes the position of a witness

Both parties have closed their mouths on the witness list. The four whistleblowers, now all adults, are expected to testify during what is believed to be a six-week long trial. On Tuesday, the first female actress who went under the pseudonym “Jane” stood up.

Jane was emotional when she testified that the abuse by Epstein and Maxwell began at the age of 14. She told the court that Epstein and Maxwell first approached her at a summer camp for art in Michigan, and Epstein made a donation. Abuse continued until she was 16 years old, Jane said, and Maxwell was often in the room when that happened. She explained that she was feeling fear and embarrassment, and said she had had that shame throughout her life.

Jane’s ex-boyfriend testified on Wednesday using the pseudonym “Matt.” He remembered about “The Godfather” that Jane helped her family financially when they were dating, and how she said “Matt, money wasn’t free.” He also talked about the battle between Jane and her mother. There, Jane shouted, “How do you think I got the money, mom?”

Epstein’s longtime pilot testified on Tuesday that Jane was among the passengers of a financial company’s private plane. Other guests include former President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom and the late Senator John Glenn, Larry Bisoski said.

Epstein and Maxwell’s most famous whistleblower, Virginia Juffre, is not expected to run. Juffrey said she was 17 when Epstein and Maxwell began to fly her around the world for sex with politicians, royalty and Testimony of May 2016She said Maxwell ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.Andrew Publicly rejected Criminal accusation, and Richardson spokesman Told NPR “The accusation is completely wrong.”

Case of “memory, operation, money”

In the opening statement, Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobby Sternheim, said the case was about “memory, manipulation, and money.” And the defense burned witnesses during the cross-examination about their ability to accurately remember what happened about 20 years ago.

Maxwell’s team is also questioning why the whistleblowers waited to come forward. During Jane’s cross-examination, accusations against Epstein and Maxwell were announced, and the defense faced Jane’s years of silence, but only hired a personal injury lawyer.

Jane replied that the delay was due to victim blaming, which accounts for the majority of her emergence as a survivor of sexual abuse, which is why she chose to remain anonymous. But he added.

Psychologist Lisa Rocchio, a prosecution expert witness, testified that she was open to her experience when the survivors felt safe.

Maxwell is quiet in court

I was clearly absent during the defense so far. There are many references to Maxwell. Most of their cross-examinations focus on Epstein.

The 66-year-old funder was arrested in July 2019 and detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.He was awaiting trial for underage sex trafficking and trafficking plots Found dead The next month in his cell. His death was sentenced to suicide.

Epstein’s presence is ubiquitous during Maxwell’s trial, despite her pale appearance sitting on the edge of the defensive table. Her team’s strategy so far seems to be to minimize Maxwell’s role in Epstein’s life.

However, the prosecution reminded us that Maxwell was an integral part of Epstein’s life. On Thursday, a former house manager and driver at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida stood on the stand. Juan Alessi described Maxwell as a “female at home” and testified that he had worked here for almost 12 years. She was with Epstein for 95 percent of the time he was there, Alessi said. She called a shot in the house.

Alessi also said he was tasked with booking many of Epstein’s massages, “it gradually progressed from once-daily massages to three times a day.” During her testimony, Jane said she was repeatedly asked to sexually massage Epstein and Maxwell instructed her about what Epstein liked.

During the cross-examination, the defense asked Alessi if he had seen any signs of being coerced or injured during these massages. Has anyone ever asked him for help or told him they were suffering? “No, they never did,” he replied. “But I did something to stop it, so I wish they had it.”

What Happened This Week: NPR

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