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Hawkins County, Tennessee (WKRN) – A week has passed since then Summer Wells First reported missing. Let’s take a look at some of the major developments revealed by the time the search for the 5-year-old Rogersville girl and the investigation of her disappearance continued.

What the Summer Wells look like

Summer Moon-Utawells He is 3 feet tall, has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was reported to have been barefoot in a pink shirt and gray shorts before she went missing.

When and where did you last see summer?

She was first reported as last seen on Tuesday, June 15th. Beech Creek Community, Wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts.

According to her father, Donald WellsIn the summer, I was planting flowers just before she disappeared.He talked to Nexstar News Channel 11 About what he remembers that night..

“She was planting flowers with her mother and grandmother and wanted to go home, so my wife saw her enter the door and she entered the house,” Wells said. “And of course the boys were on the internet and she wanted to go downstairs and play with toys, so her mother [came] So she said “summer” and went down to the basement and didn’t answer. So she went there and she was gone. “

| Find the latest Summerwells coverage as the search for the missing Rogersville girl continues.

Wells said he hasn’t seen summer since.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Family reported her missing That night, I headed to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office around 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

TBI first issued an endangered child alert prior to the Amber Alert

After the summer was reported missing, the TBI issued a warning to her about an endangered child at 12:07 EST. At that time, she was reported to be four years old in TBI’s first tweet.

On Wednesday, June 16th, TBI chose to upgrade to the entire state Amber alert Eastern Standard Time 11:08 AMNew information and growing concerns.. “

On the same day, TBI published the latest photo of the summer, stating that the agency best represents the current appearance and hair length of the five-year-old.

Photo: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

TBI: Currently there is no evidence of kidnapping

on the other hand Summer’s dad said, “Someone sneaked up on her and grabbed her.TBI spokesman Leslie Arhart repeated on Monday The circumstances leading to her disappearance remain unknown...

“We haven’t ruled out kidnapping, but there’s currently no evidence to confirm that it happened,” Earhart said. “That’s why summer ground surveys are ongoing. She may be wandering around, lost and afraid.”

As of Tuesday, the agency said they had received more than 200 leads in the survey. At this time, fraudulent play is not excluded...

Terrain and technical issues affected the search For summer

Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said at a press conference on June 17, two days after the summer’s missing was reported. The crew faced communication problems in the field, “We can hardly communicate on the radio and mobile phones are out of the question.”

AT & T and Verizon have introduced cell signal boosters to increase reception, but ground search captain Tim Coup’s incident commander said the service was “still inadequate.”

Another issue that the crew had to deal with was the area itself.The· Rough terrain We presented challenges to the search process early on. That’s why, as the coup explained, the investigators didn’t ask for volunteers to help with the search.

“Due to the extreme terrain, this property is trying to find her trained professional. [are] This is exacerbated by what is needed at this time to ensure that these inhabitants are not at risk … and the need to look for someone else, “the coup said on June 17.

Over 70 agencies have helped search land, water and air.

was there 72 institutions involved in the search process From Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. As of Tuesday, the crew covered 4.6 square miles in the summer search.

Aircraft units are used to monitor the area overnight while ground search activities are suspended, unless the crew is following up on the lead.

“In the evening, it’s too dangerous and too dangerous unless the TBI or sheriff’s department leads us for help,” the coup explained. “It’s too dangerous for us to keep our guys on these mountains in this dangerous terrain at night, but it doesn’t stop when it gets dark, so knowing the search effort with the community, I want you to be relieved. “

TBI tweeted on Tuesday The search for Summerwells will continue with a dedicated team focused on a particular area.

Donald Wells (Courtesy of WJHL)

Summer mother applied for protection order to her husband in 2020

October 2020, Candus Bly has applied for a protection order against her husband Donald Wells“I was afraid of my children and me,” she said in a court document.

The arrest warrant obtained by News 2 on Tuesday morning was taken by a Hawkins County adjutant on October 14, 2020, at Ben Hill Road in Rogersville, where Donald Wells lived with his wife and four children, including Summer. Assault states that he responded for reports of domestic violence.

Wells was arrested on multiple charges and imprisoned in Hawkins County JailIncludes domestic violence, possession of pistols while under influence, and illegal possession of weapons.

The Hawkins County Circuit Court Secretary’s Office confirmed that Wells had been found guilty of possessing a pistol while under the influence, but added domestic violence and illegal possession of weapons in April. It was withdrawn.

Wells told News Channel 11 on Tuesday He was in Utah, and he and Bree were “not on the same page” due to lack of communication.

“We solved it, she apologized to me. She went to the district attorney, talked to the judge, told him he made a serious mistake, and you know. So that’s the end of it, “Wells said. “She wasn’t injured and I wasn’t injured.”

Another warrant obtained by News 2 said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol also responded to the house on August 13, 2001, where a dwelling was searched and Wells was found hiding in a vault. Stated. Wells was arrested for parole violations from Utah and charged with fleeing justice.

Contact information if available Summer Wells

Anyone with information about her whereabouts will be asked to contact the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. 423-272-7121 Or TBI 800-TBI-FIND..

What happened to Summer Wells? The missing 5-year-old from Rogersville Source link What happened to Summer Wells? The missing 5-year-old from Rogersville

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