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What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day? – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-08 05:53:32 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October, acknowledging that Native Americans first settled in the United States.

Leron Pete, executive director of the Las Vegas Indian Center, says Native Americans were here before the arrival of colonial pioneers, and it’s important to remember the history of the indigenous peoples.

“Celebrating Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day. We were the first founders of America,” says Pete.

Pete says Las Vegas is home to more than 63,000 Native Americans.

“We are still here,” Pete said.

“Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on this day is important as part of a national movement to combat indigenous invisibility,” Clark County said.

Clark County and the Las Vegas Indian Center will host the 2nd Indigenous Peoples Day on October 10th.

“It’s a cultural event and car parade on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s going to be a great day,” Pete said.

The event runs from 1 pm to 5 pm and features art, fashion, performance and cooking.

Free Covid-19 and flu vaccines will also be available.

In a statement, Commissioner Tick Segerbrom said, “Clark County is an indigenous people in our cultural, educational and historical programs so that our community can benefit from indigenous knowledge. We are working to promote accurate expression. ”

According to Clark County, Nevada has more than 27 tribal countries and communities.

In the last decade, Clark County has had the fastest growing native population.

The Las Vegas Indian Center is located at 2300 W Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV89106.

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