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Do you pay $ 11,000 Idris Adebayo’s 3-second clip Do you want to block Atlanta Hawks players in a random regular season game?How about dropping $ 40,000 on Jimmy Butler’s clip? Hit three points?? Interested in the $ 100,000 highlights of LeBron James’s dunk?

number? Isn’t it crazy? Nobody does that, right?

But they will, and they are. To be precise, tens of thousands of people are doing just that on the new platform. NBA top shotA blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy, sell, and trade numbered versions of certain officially licensed video highlights.

Welcome to the future of Sports Cards are not stored in the closet of the room where you grew up in your parents’ house, but on the Internet like everything else. You are welcome, mom!

In the first year of COVID, the rest of the members focused on everything but digital trading cards, but the NBA worked with a company called Dapper Labs to create a platform called the NBA Topshot. CEO of Dapper Labs after official launch last week Roham Gharegozlou mentioned A product as “a revolutionary new experience where incredible play and unforgettable highlights become a collection you can own forever.”

Sounds pretty healthy, doesn’t it? Do you have a lot of trading cards for 12 year old kids on your tablet? No, it’s not. This is for the big boy here. The top shots have much more in common with the “Billions” episode than with children.

Top shot “cards” are called NFTs or irreplaceable tokens. Non-substitutable tokens are a special type of cryptographic token that can represent something unique. You have heard about Bitcoin. Think of the BamA debayo dunk as Bam Coin. If he goes well, his coins will go well and will be as valuable as stocks. The limited supply of these mint clips makes them valuable to collectors.

Unlike traditional trading cards, top shot moments can be exchanged online in just minutes. It’s the same as buying and selling stocks. There is currently no peer-to-peer trading, but the company says it is working, along with many other features such as cards and QR codes that are only available to fans in the area for a particular game. It will be displayed as a broadcast that can be scanned at home.

Miami Heat shooting guard Tyler Herro was one of the NBA’s first players. His name and portrait have spread throughout the platform over the past few weeks, lending his voice to some of the tutorials users can take to learn how top shots work. Heat player Andre Iguodala is also involved in the project, along with several other players such as JaVale McGee of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Spencer Dinwidy of the Brooklyn Nets.

Are you still confused? You are not alone. The website is still in beta as Dapper Labs is fixing the issue, and the majority of users only joined last month.Until last week, ESPN and other major media outlets Catch the wind of the phenomenonThe $ 2 card has skyrocketed to hundreds of dollars, enthusiastic about the eBay-style marketplace.

Topshot and the NBA bet that the future of trading cards is no longer a physical cardboard, and instead of having to be mailed to get a rating, they can call each other with digital assets and show each other. I am. In that sense, it’s not that crazy. Everything from your entire financial portfolio to all the photos of your family you’ve ever had is stored on the internet, so why is a basketball card different?

Think of it as follows. You can print a photo of Babe Ruth’s baseball card, but that doesn’t mean you own it. The same is true for Jimmy Butler’s basketball clip. Just because you watch it for free on YouTube doesn’t mean you own it. But you can do it with the top shot.Well, as in the tradition, you can have a certain number of people Sports card. The only difference now is that it exists online. It’s not a hard plastic case that you have to drive home to show to your friends.

Players are beginning to be interested in owning themselves highlight. Immediately, you can hear the player yelling, “That’s the top shot!” After the dunk. Not — when.

Topshot is a very new, changing and fast-growing product, so it was difficult for even those who understood it to wonder what it would be like. Some beta users who joined in October blindly invested thousands of dollars without knowing what it would be. Currently, some of those same collectors hold collections worth more than $ 10 million.

Just last month, TopShot released 2,500 packs of $ 999 cards. When the card becomes available 25,000 people participated in the lottery Win one of the packs and spend $ 2.6 million in just a few minutes. Semi-regularly, the site drops 50,000 packs, each containing 3 cards. It costs $ 9 and sells out as soon as Top Shot is available.

So now you know this exists. It’s either your new addiction (believe me) or something you don’t believe yet. No matter where you fall, the next time you see Tyler Herro draining three points, or when Idris Adebayo hits your opponent’s attempt out of range, you’re thousands of people. I’m witnessing something lined up to pay for people.

Multiple Miami Heat fans and investors may have done it during the time it took to read this article.

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What Is NBA Top Shot? A Guide for Miami Heat Fans
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