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What is normal life? –New York Times

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Welcome. What constitutes a return to “normal” life? When the school or office is always open?When it arrives Herd immunity?? What if I don’t wear a mask at the supermarket? By Airplane? (We will be So far Would you like to wear a mask in the store or on an airplane? ) When you get bored?? When are you outside than we are?

So far, the feeling in between has persisted and I don’t yet feel that something is at stake. The house is still the safest place for us, and surprisingly there is still more to discover.Sourdough day may be a long time ago, but Claire Safitz teaches you Make your own croissant..You can hear Brahms Interlude It was influenced when Branford Marsalis composed the music for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.I still have time Tap the maple in the backyard For syrup. Or spend some time among the trees, open your senses, Forest bath..

Of course, as travel photographer Loff Smith found when he began to ride his bike in the morning and treat it like a magazine assignment and start taking pictures, there is still adventure and beauty in our neighborhood. There is also. Wetland seaside town on the south coast of England.. “I brought back the truth that I didn’t have to fly to the other side of the world to experience the feeling of travel and the romance of difference,” he writes. “It’s waiting at your doorstep — if you see it.”

What does “return to normal” mean to you? Is it a resumption of activity, a reunion with a loved one, or a feeling? tell me: Please include your name, age and location.We At home.. Read all the letters sent. As always, here are more ideas for living a fulfilling cultural life in and around your home.

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What is normal life? –New York Times

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