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What is tenacity and how to use it to make it successful

I have this friend. She uses excuses to get out of everything related to becoming a responsible adult (ie, All!! ). The worst part is that she’s been doing this for a long time, the excuse is now a deeply embedded part of her personality.

She stopped restraining herself as I was gently approaching her to solve her excuses, but she cornered the market. Seriously, it’s a place of power that can’t be invaded. Her life isn’t exactly what she wants, and instead of taking responsibility, she pulls out a scroll of excuses and reads the section “Why nothing is my fault.”

To be honest, I would have more If she comes out with it and says, “I’m not doing this or that because I’m too lazy,” respect her. Let’s face the facts: If she terribly wants a perfect lifestyle as she painted, she will do anything to get it.

Why do I bother her?Because I used to was She: Ambitious, motivated and determined, but when things didn’t go the way I suddenly became a victim of my environment.This led to Year Rotate my tires. My excuse was always there to break my fall … until they weren’t. Like a friend, I was in a self-destructing blind game. It has led my life to exactly the way I vowed to never do it.

Like all bad habits, excuses are easy. They allow you to lock yourself in your comfort zone and be “ok” in your life. After a while, it turns out that this way of life is not enough. You can accept where your life is (this is a coated version of the “give up” excuse), or by taking responsibility for where you are now and, more importantly, You can eliminate your excuses, why I made an excuse in the first place.

So what is it? Yes, I thought so. Here are seven ways to get rid of your excuses to help you get started:

1. Read between lines

The excuse you usually use is to mask the real reason you can’t achieve something. For some, it’s a fear of failure. For others, it’s a matter of self-esteem. Still, for others, it’s a fear of success or loss of something.

If you don’t know where the excuses come from, ask yourself. It was What is the worst thing that can happen to succeed and achieve what you want? If you list all the worst scenarios, you’ll know the theme. this It’s a problem to tackle.

2. Stop ending the statement with “But …”

This is a small trick that works for me every time. Instead of saying “I really want to do it …”, I cut myself out and say “I really want to do it”. This allows you to focus on the plans you need to reach your goals, rather than the obstacles that are currently in the way. Instant motivation!

3. Avoid other “excuse”

One of the big things I noticed when I started out of my comfort zone was the number of people in my life making excuses. In fact, there were so many excuses, and when we looked back at the conversation together, we were always complaining and making excuses! Imagine instead spending all that time running.

People you spend time with, like you, may not realize they are making excuses, and believe me that you can point out everything you want-it changes them The recognition that everyone must come by themselves before they can do it.Jump start New arrival Conversation; Be the one who changes the song. Eliminating excuses will encourage those who care to do the same.

4. Fool yourself

Depending on your goals, sometimes just idea About them are overwhelming. This is especially true for big goals, such as success in a rewarding career or building a business from scratch. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed and you can’t get started at all.

Eliminate excuses by creating a mother of all to-do lists related to that particular goal. Break it down into tiny baby steps. Work on only one small step at a time and hide the remaining steps in the drawer. When you finish the step, it doesn’t feel like it was a big deal. Then move on to the next and then to the next. This worked strangely for me when I started working on the first script and at the same time recovered from adrenal fatigue. Now you can work regularly and comfortably, even if you don’t have a list at all.

Soon you will look back at all of your little steps and be amazed at your progress!

5. Get into the habit of no excuses

As they say, “feel afraid, but do it anyway.” Recognize the excuses you are making, take responsibility for them, and do what you want, regardless of what you think is blocking you.Yes it is Many It’s easy to say, but being able to control your own life is one thing.

It can be difficult and sometimes painful to develop these habits, but then you will be refreshed and indescribably proud of yourself. So much, you will soon want to set your next challenge. It’s an addictive habit once you start! Have fun testing your limits and enjoy the process in your own terms.

6. Use excuses as cues

Once you recognize the excuses for what they are, you can start using them in your favor. Think of an excuse to signal a deeper underlying problem. It’s a great way for you to get used to what makes ticks. Each time you find yourself making an excuse, investigate it further, find the true cause, and strive to overcome it. The more you practice this, the less you can reach your full potential.

7. Trust the process

Sometimes I want to do something seriously, but in terms of schedule, lifestyle, and workload, there are things that are in contradiction to what I want to do. In these examples, you are not denying or making excuses, but simply looking at the obstacles that are in your way. Leaving these obstacles in place is an excuse.

Oddly enough, it’s when there’s something really important to us that we start making excuses. You don’t have to eliminate excuses if you immediately turn to a positive attitude and leave it to yourself to come up with a solution when this happens. I can’t find an excuse.

What is tenacity and how to use it to make it successful

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