What is the Best Language for Software Development

Everyone knows that our era is the era of new technologies.  Everyone strives to learn all the secrets of computers and learn the most famous and useful programming languages ​​in order to become a real IT pro.

Over the past decades, programming has become one of the most popular industries and everyone wants to get into and learn as much as possible about this process. Naturally, our society was divided into several headquarters.  The first are non-conservative people who are wary and distrustful of innovation and progress and consider industrialization to be a direct path to decline.  But there is another part of the people, the number of which greatly exceeds the first.  These are self-confident and courageous people who know that our life, whatever it is, is becoming technologically savvy faster and faster and this is an absolute norm, because thanks to this, the quality of our life climbs to the top, making our civilization really developed.

Programming languages.  Many do not understand what it is. In fact, everything is not so difficult in understanding this term.  This is a set of rules that determines the characteristics of the program, and is also responsible for the functionality and performance.

The history of the first language began in the distant 1951 and its name is Fortran.  A group of geniuses led by John Backus created the very miracle that laid the foundation for other miracles.

This is of course surprising, but almost a hundred years have passed since that moment.  It’s time to talk about something urgent.

Let’s move on to the current period.  Answer a simple question: What cannot a modern productive business company do without?  Logistics and only logistics will say some people.  Others will answer that the secret lies in the thoroughness of the selected staff.  Of course, that’s for sure.  But there is something else, and that is directly software. 

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So, back to the essential thing for a productive business. The whole point is that by using the software you benefit the company by increasing profitability, speeding up processes and making your work accurate and systematized.  That is, the essence of the existence of software is a collection of data that is endowed with functionality.

We decided that this is a must for every businessman, this is clear and precise.  Now the point is to figure out how to develop decent software.  To find out, you need to answer the most important question that heads this article. What is the Best Language for Software Development?

It is clear that the Fortran mentioned above is the last century.  Now it will be relevant and fruitful to work with Java, Python and C ++. 

These are the most popular programming languages ​​and the most suitable for development. 


This is a classic of the genre.  Thanks to this, you can create a good code structure.  You can also be offered frameworks and libraries that are naturally equipped with open source code.

No matter what anyone says and no matter what the struggle for the coveted title of “the best language for software development”, Python really holds the bar well.  It’s excellent and great for creating small scripts.  Plus, if you are a novice developer, believe me, you will be able to take and interact with high-level packages with this language, which gives a confident start


Another sensational language that has existed since 1995 (by the standards of the field of innovative technologies, this is already quite a lot!). Its advantage is that it takes care of interactivity.  This is his forte.

By choosing Java for your work, you give yourself the opportunity to realize the complexity and sophistication of your software.


Many mistakenly think that it is much newer than the same Python, but it is not.  This history began in 1983.  At the request of Google, hundreds unanimously write that the laurels of victory should belong to C ++ as it is the most popular choice among developers because it works well for those systems that are really large in size. It is indeed a super powerful tool, but from a computer science point of view, it takes a lot of effort to learn it.

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