What is the future of the United States if abortion becomes a crime again? | Roe v. Wade

MeIn the early 1970s, Chicago law enforcement leaders decided that tort practices were unbearable in their city and proceeded secretly in a nearly forgotten chapter in history. We carried out a campaign to eradicate people.

Police have turned to Call Jane, a group of young female feminists who have provided safe and illegal abortions to approximately 3,000 Chicago citizens annually since 1965. The group was attacked after two Catholic women told police that their sister-in-law was planning an abortion. Run by group..

NS Chicago murder detective Assigned to the incident, he pursued “Jane” to the South Shore district adjacent to the blue waters of Lake Michigan. Police then attacked the apartment, arrested nearly 50 people for interrogation, and sent three women undergoing abortion treatment to the hospital.

Seven women were charged with abortion and 11 charges of conspiring to have an abortion. They will soon be called “Abortion Seven” by the newspaper.But the members of Cole Jane protected the people they served – they too I ate an index card Details of patient contact information.

Then, in 1973, Abortion Seven was amnesty.The prosecutor abandoned the case when the Supreme Court judge issued a groundbreaking judgment in the case. Roe v. Wade, Effectively legalize abortion throughout the United States.

At Roe, the court asserted that access to safe and legal abortion is a constitutional right. The court ruled that the state cannot ban abortion before the foetation can survive outside the womb. This is considered approximately 24 weeks gestation (maturity pregnancy is considered 39 weeks).

Roe is currently facing a direct challenge. A judge in the US Supreme Court has taken up the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Clinic proceeding, which examines whether Mississippi can ban almost all abortions from 15 weeks.Defenders of abortion believe that the choice to file a proceeding finally means that the four judges see it as an opportunity to reconsider the precedent set by it. egg..

The oral argument in this case is scheduled to be heard on December 1, and the decision is scheduled for June 2022. Prosecutions like the “Cole Jane” group could become a reality again.

Map of US states showing time to pregnancy when abortion is legal

In the court outline and report, defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges, international human rights experts, and scholars are illegal in a country with a vast law enforcement agency with the world’s largest imprisoned population. We are beginning to reveal what a return to abuse will look like.With women like America The fastest growing imprisoned demographics..

“It’s like a thought experiment, thinking about what’Cole Jane’looks like,” said Cynthia Contecc, a technology fellow at the Ford Foundation. Her work in gender, racial and ethnic justice has overturned the Roe v. Wade case and the procedure is again illegal in some states.

Contecook warned that a single mobile phone could reveal the entire population. A single encounter with a law enforcement agency (traffic stop, search, arrest) could expose the entire network “via a digital connection.”

“Very strict”

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about the most serious abortion cases in nearly 50 years this week, and Contecc is not the only one to entertain such ideas.

If the Roe v. Wade case is overturned, at least 26 states Hostile to abortion will outlaw abortion immediately or as quickly as possible, says the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion-rights research organization. Abortion advocates believe this is likely to result in desperate people (having resources) seeking abortion in more liberal states where procedures are legal, such as Illinois and New York.In just one example, Louisiana passed “Trigger Law” It is designed to outlaw abortion if Roe capsizes. Louisiana people seeking an abortion need to reach Kansas in order to legally obtain an abortion.

However, most people are unlikely to make that long, expensive, and painstaking journey. Campaign participants are much more likely to look at illegal methods for poor young people and people of color, in addition to the same preventable public health disasters seen before Roe, criminal justice. It warns the system that it will create another layer of racism and classism.

Miriam Klinsky, Executive Director of Fair and Fair Prosecutors, a group that educates newly elected local prosecutors, said: Summary of groups submitted to the Supreme Court Regarding the Mississippi proceedings, “the growing awareness that it could overturn a 50-year-old case and criminalize an individual’s medical decision could have incredibly disastrous consequences. It reflects. ” The brief was co-signed by nearly 100 prosecutors, police and former Justice Department officials.

“This isn’t just the leaders of prosecutors and law enforcement agencies elected in the blue cities. They are leaders in New York and California, and everywhere in between (cities, provincials, red states, blue states). “Regional prosecutors in Texas, California, Missouri, and Wisconsin,” Klinsky said of the people who signed the briefs. “It’s not just the voice that comes from the so-called” liberal fortress. ” “

Prior to oral arguments, the Defense Bar Association also released a report presenting a future in which the United States can carry out “rampaging criminalization” and “mass imprisonment on an unprecedented scale” in the name of a foetation. ..

“The state is now laying the groundwork and laying the groundwork for a completely different criminal punishment,” he said.egg In the era, New York criminal defense counsel Lindsay A. Lewis co-authored a report on abortion for the National Criminal Attorneys Association (NACDL), the first such report in the history of the organization. Told.

“They are far more sophisticated and much more demanding than those that existed before Roe was enacted.”

A map of a US state showing the legality of an abortion in the event of a Roe v. Wade incident.

The legislature has spent decades “correcting the criminal law” in a way that “completely changes the calculation when it comes to the meaning of going back.”egg Many times, “Lewis said.

Criminal accusations can result from certain abortion laws, but also from criminal attempts, plots, and criminal law punishing criminal accomplices. All relic laws were developed during the so-called drug war in the United States. These laws “may impose criminal penalties on a wide range of individuals if Roe is overturned,” the NACDL report outlines, seeking to seek abortion from states where procedures are illegal to states where it is legal. Includes prosecuting those who do.

For example, under Louisiana law, a criminal “accomplice” is someone who is involved in a mission, whether it exists or not, when helping, helping, or advising someone. It is also defined tangentally. Experts say this could be deployed to a wide range of friends, loved ones, or counselors, such as clerics and abortion fund networks that help people take people to the clinic.

Graph showing who will be punished in the event of a Roe v. Wade incident

As Lewis and her co-author stated, there are thousands of laws across the country like Louisiana. In addition, recent prosecutions of pregnant people also show how digital evidence can be used as a powerful prosecution tool.

More than 2,000 police agencies across the United States have already purchased “mass extraction” technology that allows them to download, organize, and archive entire phone content.This technique is sometimes called “Window to the soul”.. This digital evidence is used to identify abortion drug search queries. Ratic Fisher, Mississippi’s three mothers.

Fisher gave birth to a stillborn child. The child was declared dead at Fisher’s house by emergency response personnel. Prosecutors used Fisher’s cell phone records to show that she had searched for an abortion drug online before she died, and charged her twice.

The prosecution withdrew the first case in criticism of the archaist test used to determine if the baby was born alive. The prosecutor then tried to prosecute Fisher again, but the grand jury refused to prosecute her when presented with scientifically accurate information.

“There are many possibilities, and one way to try to imagine what those possibilities are is to see how surveillance technology is used today to investigate crimes related to sex work. That’s it, “Contecook said.

A map of the states of the United States showing the current state of fetal murder.

Police may choose to set up a “honeypot,” according to Contecook, and law enforcement agencies fake to seduce people looking for an abortion drug to provide contact information. Open a website. They can use “reverse geofence” technology to create a digital border around the place of interest (probably the clinic) and identify every phone that comes in.

“The danger to a world where states can criminalize abortion is again that surveillance technology has exponentially increased the tools needed to investigate all crimes,” Contecook said.

“All of these are human rights violations.”

Other American historians, such as Leslie J. Reagan, author of “When Cancellation was a Crimes,” warn: Ceausescu-like system Prenatal care will ensure that “all pregnancies have progressed to maturity,” and authorities will monitor the menstrual cycle.In Missouri, health officials Monitoring period Part of a bid to close the state’s last abortion clinic to identify a “failed medical abortion”.

In a brief explanation to the Supreme Court, a UN special rapporteur on health rights warned that overturning the Roe v. Wade case and banning or criminalizing abortion would be “unreconcilable” with international human rights law. Still, some states have already enacted bans, such as Texas, which banned most abortions.

Especially in the South, even if you give birth to a healthy baby, you have recently been charged with pregnant people. Advocates are evidence of the enthusiasm of some prosecutors to criminalize pregnancy, as these disputed charges are often withdrawn under public pressure or overturned by appeals. Said.

Alabama was almost charged 500 women Since 2006, the foetation, including prescriptions, has been allegedly exposed to “regulatory substances” in the womb. Painkiller.. If the child was born healthy (and even more if the baby was unhealthy), the prosecution could be sentenced to 10 years in prison, and the controlled substance was prescribed to the study subject.

“In two rulings, the Alabama Supreme Court states that we treat the foetation as a person,” said a pregnant woman who helped advise those indicted under such law. Lin Paltrow, Managing Director of the National Advocate for, said.

A South Carolina court states that the word “children” in state law should be construed to include the fetal and may be held liable for child abuse during pregnancy.Oklahoma recently sentenced 21-year-old Britney Pulley to the following sentence: 4 years imprisonment after miscarriageAlthough there is no evidence that substance use caused miscarriage after the use of methamphetamine.

“Recently released figures cite 24 people who have been criminally punished for ending their pregnancy or helping their loved ones since 2000,” said If / When / How Senior Counsel and Legal. Farah Diaz-Tello, director, said.

Diaz-Tello said her organization is currently investigating and proves that twice as many people are being prosecuted each year.

“All of this is a violation of human rights,” said Diaz-Tello. “Non-zero numbers are shocking and alarming.”

What is the future of the United States if abortion becomes a crime again? | Roe v. Wade

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