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Portland City Council votes for budget on October 27

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Every fall, the Portland City Commissioner analyzes the city’s budget and votes whether to make changes to a budget monitoring process called BMP.

This year is the first time three commissioners have the opportunity to vote for BMP. On Friday, two of them (Carmen Rubio and Mingus Mapps) sat down with KOIN 6 News for an extensive interview, including what the budget should be.

Rubio is passionate about ensuring that everyone has a comfortable home. She said the Portland City Council prioritizes safety and housing.

“Probably a big focus will be on our housing crisis,” she told KOIN6 News. “We need to make sure we have enough housing for all income levels.”

Portland Commissioner Mingus Mapps, Carmen Rubio, 2021 (KOIN, File)

Mapps praised Dan Ryan, another first-time BMP voter, for his efforts behind the Safe Rest Village initiative. But Maps also said the city council wasn’t moving fast enough when it came to fighting crime and the homeless.

“Fall BMP is our opportunity to turn this around and speed things up,” he told KOIN 6 News.

Mapps said at an autumn BMP work session scheduled for October 21 that it would seek suggestions to double the city’s garbage picking capacity.

“I want to see the proposal go through, and one of the things I want to see is to focus on hitting the trash, needles and human waste we picked up from downtown streets.” He said.

He also advocates expanding the PPB’s Behavioral Health Unit and urges the PPB to step up downtown patrols.

“I know that some of our cultural institutions in the downtown area are really upset by the weight of tents, mental illness, violence and garbage. You have to wait another budget cycle to fix it. No, “he said.

He said that was one of the things that is currently hindering Portland’s recovery.

“Our downtown is literally injured, healing people on the street, picking up trash, replacing some of the broken windows, and healing until we return to Portland, which we all know and love. I can’t, “Maps said.

The Portland City Council will vote for a budget change on Wednesday, October 27th.

KOIN6 News continues this story.

What is the Portland BMP and why does it matter? Source link What is the Portland BMP and why does it matter?

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