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“It will happen more hopefully in my career.”

The New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones throws in the first half of an NFL football game. Associated Press Photo / Stephen Senne

Mac Jones chased one of the most costly mistakes of his young career in one of his more striking moments against the Cowboys on Sunday.

The clock is ticking towards a two minute warning Patriot Nursing a one-point lead, Jones tried to fire Path to Kendrick Bone.. The pass was shortly before the receiver and was caught by the Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs. The Digs motorized into the end zone and the Patriots’ hard-earned leads evaporated.

However, in the next play from the Patriots scrimmage, Jones fired again at Bourne. This time, it’s a deep ball that meanders between two defenders and drives Bone into the end zone. The Patriots converted two points to take the lead of 29-26.

In the end, the Cowboys evened their scores shortly before the end of the regulation, scoring a touchdown on the OT and claiming a 35-29 victory. However, the moment of Jones’ bounce left an impression.

“Mac, he really forgets,” Bourne said after the match. “As I said [interception] It happened that I didn’t point my finger straight at the Mac in my head. It looked like a ball off your fingertips, but you can play it in your head and you can do even better.

“I think we both felt that way, and that’s the result we got in the next series. That’s why I think the play was performed that way: our way of thinking. “Well, we have a chance” because he was trapped. Rather, “what happened?”

Jones followed his usual post-match routine, praising his teammates and distracting his praise for his ability to improve.

“I wish I could do things differently than where we weren’t even in that position,” he said. “I just have to look at the tape and then learn. This isn’t the first pick 6 I throw, it’s never the last. I have to learn how to bounce and play the next play.”

Reporters pressured Jones to thank aggressive coordinator Josh McDaniels for calling for redemption play shortly after the mistake.

“Yes, that is, the mentality of the next play,” Jones said. “No matter what they call, I’ll do it and give everyone the opportunity to do the play. It will work better in my career. You’re playing bad and you’re back You play well. Therefore, it is not always perfect. You have to dodge the ebb and flow and play the next play. “

Jones finished 15-21 with 229 yards, two touchdowns and a passcut.

Post-match details:

— Running back Damien Harris suffered a rib injury in the fifth week, but his health improved enough to return to the field compared to the cowboys.

“I’m physically fine,” Harris said. “Obviously we didn’t win the game. It’s down a bit because it’s the most important thing. But the good thing is that we know we have a good team. I We have great players, great coaches, great staff. Everyone in this organization is great, so we can turn this around just by coming and working hard every day. “

Harris carried the ball 18 times in 101 yards.

— Matt Judon praised fellow linebacker Jawan Bentley in his goal line play at the end of the first half. When Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott tried to dive into the end zone, Bentley was able to cross the mountain and punch the ball out of Prescott’s hand. The fumble helped the Patriots maintain their 14-10 advantage towards the break.

“Protect all the leaves of the grass,” Judon said when asked about his thinking on the one-yard line. “Just because they have it on the goal line doesn’t mean they have scored yet. We know that around the goal line, players loosen the ball a bit, especially when they When over, they try to stretch and just cross it, so we try to punch it out.

“Bent made a play in one fell swoop …. When you protect all the blades of the grass, it’s an inch game. It’s an inch game. I think Bent got it just before crossing. I got a call. But that’s what you have to do. You have to protect all the leaves. “

Bentley finished with the team’s best 13 tackles.

— Meanwhile, Judon promised to continue to bring positive energy while the Patriots tried to correct their struggle.

“I want to be equal, I want to be myself, I want to laugh, make jokes, come here and have fun, so we have to do it,” Judon said. “I’m still me, but I can run, have fun, laugh and make jokes. I’m me and can be cheerful and fun.”

— The Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has fired Jones twice. This includes one huge hit that Jones didn’t expect to come apparently.

“Honestly, at least in the end, I felt their O-line couldn’t block me or block us unless they lacked us. Gregory told reporters After the match.

Jones was asked if Gregory’s hit was the most difficult he had ever received.

“No, it wasn’t,” Jones said. “I have to get up and jogging off the field. It’s part of the game. I could have got the ball out faster, and that’s me ….

“It hurts, of course, but I just get up and play the next one. It’s part of football and it’s a fun part.”

But David Andrews of the Patriots Center was disappointed at the hit.

“We have to do better,” Andrews said. “I can’t forgive it. It’s his great play, but I have to bet better.”

— Several Patriots players have expressed particular disappointment at losing the match on Sunday. This is the team’s fourth defeat in many home attempts.

“I have nothing to say tonight,” said Safety Devin McCorty. “That’s a shame. We played hard there, everyone fought. Falling to the other side is just hard to lose to the game. I think everyone just has to run away tonight. Come back here. Once you’re ready. There’s nothing we can do about it. But tonight is disappointing. Games before and after, we just wanted to win it. Although we played enough It’s a shame, I just didn’t play enough to win in the end. “

Bentley admitted that the loss of mood in the changing room was “severe.”

“Going back to work tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will come here before you know it,” he said. “No matter what happened, whether you win or lose, that’s all you can do. You have to come back and work. That’s our approach, that’s our approach. , That will continue to be our approach. Just replace the tank and get ready. “

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