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Sacramento, California 2021-04-29 20:21:19 –

Sacramento (CBS13) – A group of anti-backs moms called “Mamatilia” says they are leading the growing national revolution for women.

The founder is from Stockton. Their website shows that they are against the vaccine with Progan.

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In 2019, the group was called “The Freedom Angels” and was seen trying to block student vaccinations at the California State Capitol.

Now they say they are trying to arm women with survival skills and encourage others to join their movement.

“We train you about natural medicine and how to navigate the forest,” said Denise Aguilar, founder of Mamalitia, in a video posted on her Facebook page.

It started as a group of mothers blaming the vaccine obligations, followed by the COVID-19 vaccine.

You’ll see them pitching themselves with big guns on their website, but on Facebook, Aguilar denied that this was a radical group and that they showed violence. Say no.

“We’re not violent. We’re not on the watchlist. We’re just a group of women training each other and networking together,” she said.

Dr. Richard Carpiano is a professor of public policy and sociology at the University of California, Riverside, and has been following the group and its movements on social media since its inception.

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He says Aguilar was in Washington, DC in January when a violent coup struck Congress, but there is no evidence that she broke the building.

But she was seen on social media with members of groups like Proud Boys.

He is concerned that this rhetoric could make some group members violent.

“When you’re showing your picture with a weapon, you’re an advertising service for training people with guns. There’s no reason to think they’re not imposing a radical view,” he said. Said.

Senator Richard Pan is worried that the group may affect vaccination rates when there is already hesitation in vaccination.

He says some group members have recently organized and appeared in public health leaders’ homes to intimidate them.

“They not only protested public health measures, but also adopted tactics to bully and intimidate people,” Pan said.

On its website, the group states that its mission is misunderstood as violent and offensive.

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Aguilar rejected the CBS13 interview request and clarified what they represent.

What Started As Group Of Anti-Vax Moms Led By Stockton Woman Is Now ‘Mamalitia’ – CBS Sacramento Source link What Started As Group Of Anti-Vax Moms Led By Stockton Woman Is Now ‘Mamalitia’ – CBS Sacramento

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