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What TJ Finley showed on clutch LSU drive to beat Arkansas: ‘He can win a big game’ | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Ed Orgeron was reassured as LSU chased Arkansas in the second half of the fourth quarter. His players told him “I got this” during the drive that won the match. Among them, Orgelon felt that his confidence was radiated from quarterback TJ Finley, the most important player on the field.

Finley made his third start in the closest match of his career with Arkansas on Saturday, completing a go-a-head touchdown and LSU’s 27-24 victory at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in the blockfield goal. I set the stage.

Finley shuffled to his right as the game-winning play evolved. He bounced in his pocket, giving the receiver time to run through the end zone. Finley turned his vision around. He pumped once, saw Jaray Jenkins, and threw a 13-yard touchdown.

“He finally showed that he could win the big game,” Olgeron said.

Finley made throws in key situations throughout the game, including the final drive, demonstrating essential abilities for quarterbacks. He completed 7 passes for a third down conversion. He continued to attack LSU in the field, an important part of the game plan. And when LSU needed a touchdown to get the lead back, Finley handed it over.

Fayetteville, Arkansas — Rain-wet Ed Orgeron stares from a bystander, kneels, and knows that his defense is the rest of the LSU’s hopes …

The last drive started within the realm of LSU. The Tigers dragged 24-20 in the middle of the fourth quarter, but failed to score the attack in the second half. They had one, and perhaps two, chances to regain the lead.

Finley completed a 15-yard pass in his first play. He led LSU throughout the field, and his progress was supported by targeting penalties. Outside the Red Zone, Finley lofted the perfect pass to Tyrion Davis Price’s running back, but the referee determined that Davis Price had dropped a potential touchdown. They endorsed the phone after the review.

After two plays, in 3rd and 9th, Finley found a tight-end Arick Gilbert 16 yards and placed the LSU deep in the Red Zone. After a deliberate ground penalty, Finley threw a go-a-head touchdown. Finley jogged to the end zone to celebrate with his teammates.

“We love TJ,” said Davis-Price. “He suppressed this game for us.”

Scott Lavalle's quick take-away from LSU's victory over Arkansas: Defense, are you looking at me?

Prior to LSU playing Arkansas, Finley’s career consisted of two dramatically different starts. He was shining on his debut, but then lost to Auburn and had three turnovers, causing LSU to put him on the bench in the second half. LSU has resumed a quarterback tournament between Finley and freshman Max Johnson, along with Red Shirt Junior Miles Brennan, who may be competing in the season due to injury.

As Johnson entered the coronavirus quarantine, he missed a week of practice and Finley continued his first job. Orgelon said he wanted Johnson and Arkansas to play against each other. Instead, Finley never left the game.

LSU’s game plan depended on running football. According to the SEC network, attack coordinator Steve Ensminger wants to run early down and create a manageable third down conversion, especially as Arkansas played without six defensive linemen due to a coronavirus problem. I was thinking. If the plan is carried out, Finley will give short throws and occasional deep passes.

The Tigers had a 148-yard rush, unlike when the LSU won a 32-yard rush in their last match against Auburn. They averaged 3 yards per carry, but the approach ran out of watches and limited Arkansas property. Arkansas finished with a total number of yards and yards per play, but LSU held the ball for 41 minutes.

“LSU has always had the ball,” said Sam Pittman, director of the University of Arkansas. “They controlled the football game.”

Finley has completed enough throws to keep the drive. He fitted the path into a narrow window and applied pressure to navigate his pocket. At the end of the first half, he rolled to the right and threw across his body for the first down, helping the LSU reach the field goal range.

What Olgeron, LSU had to say after a

Ed Orgelon’s assessment was simple when it came to the two targeting calls that led him to leave when LSU defeated Arkansas …

The Tigers may have scored more points if the penalties did not negate the last two long completes. LSU was still third down 23-12. Seven of the conversions came from Finley, who completed 64% of the passes (27 out of 42) in 271 yards and two touchdowns. He didn’t throw a passcut.

After the match, Olgeron said Finley needed to diagnose better keying and defense as play evolved rapidly, but by leading LSU to a game-winning drive, Finley said he was close to the game. It proved to be operational in the last few minutes.

“It gives us a lot of confidence,” said linebacker Jabril Cox. “Our belief in TJ is very strong.”

What TJ Finley showed on clutch LSU drive to beat Arkansas: ‘He can win a big game’ | LSU Source link What TJ Finley showed on clutch LSU drive to beat Arkansas: ‘He can win a big game’ | LSU

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