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Once a vague pastime favored by gray-haired sets, pickleball is now America’s fastest-growing sport, with nearly 5 million players nationwide. Invented by a trio of dads in the Seattle area in the 1960s, this game is a quirky mashup of badminton, tennis and table tennis. The warm climate and vibrant tennis scene throughout Atlanta (the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) boasts over 80,000 members) makes it easy to understand why pickleball is all the rage here. increase.

Like many new fans, 52-year-old account executive Christine White began playing regularly during the pandemic. “She was able to be sociable outdoors when nothing else was happening,” she says. She also found a pickleball that was “easier, more fun, and less competitive” than recreational tennis, which she had played since high school.

Like tennis, pickleballs can be played in single or double style, but on a badminton-sized court with a 34-inch high centernet, “slow-paced, beginner-friendly,” says 30-year-old Luke Baker. Says. -A year-old brand writer who started playing sports a few years ago. He hosts a group chat of over 100 local enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s who gather for a weekly game. Peach Tree Hills Park And other spots in the city. The game has some strange rules. Players can only score on the team’s serve, with 7-foot no-volley zones called “kitchens” on either side of the net. Baker adds that this is accessible to beginners. “The great thing is that you can get in and out of the court. From those who know little about the rules to those who take the rules seriously.”

Play with white Hammond Park When Sandy Springs Tennis CenterI agree if two of the tennis courts have recently been converted to eight permanent pickleball courts. “People really welcome beginners,” she says. “It’s an easily available sport, and you can get the most out of it relatively quickly.”

Sports are also reasonably priced. Paddles can be purchased at sporting goods stores for under $ 35. Lightweight and perforated, balls that resemble wiffle balls are also cheaper.

The game bar is just around the corner. The Painted Pickle — a 32,500-square-foot venue with eight indoor pickleball courts, a full bar and kitchen, a pickleball court and patio facing the outdoor Belt Line — will open in the Armoryard in late 2022. Top golf-like recreational facilities with pickleball courts and rooftop bars began construction in Gwinnett County in March, with a second outpost in Alpharetta planned for later this year.

Pickleball vs tennis

Coat size
44 feet long and 20 feet wide for singles and doubles
Singles are 78 feet long and 27 feet wide.36 feet wide for doubles

Provided by one person or by team

The game is usually played up to 11 points and wins 2 times. Tournament games are 15 or 21 and you have 2 chances to win.
4 points win the game, 6 games win the set, 2 or 3 sets win the match (best of 3 or 5).


Game length
15-25 minutes
90 minutes (3 sets) to 2 hours 45 minutes (5 sets)

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