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Travelers Rest, South Carolina (WSPA) — On Tuesday, voters across Upstate will vote for local elections. When Traveler’s Rest voters go to vote, they will vote for many, not just one.

This Tuesday, four seats for the city council and a seat for the mayor are available.

“We have access to four council seats, and six people are running for them,” said Lori Sandov, the clerk and treasurer of Travelers Rest City.

“The ballot tells us to vote for four votes, so we’ll choose four,” said Conway Verangia, director of elections in Greenville County.

Travelers Rest selects council members to represent the entire region.

“We have a large seat, which means that all council members and mayors represent all cities in Travelers Rest,” says Sandoff.

And they don’t run on party lines.

“You are not voting for Republicans. You are not voting for Democrats. You are not voting for independent people,” Sandoff said.

A total of six people, including the current three councilors, are running for council seats.

“The top four voters can win the election as long as they win the majority based on the formula used in multi-seat offices,” Belangia said.

That is, when travelers rest people go to vote, they choose four of the six names on the ballot for this position.

“And I want to make sure I do that in one vote. I don’t think I’m going to vote for one and then go back and vote for another ballot. Four in one vote. We will choose, “says Belangia.

The current mayor, Brandy Amidon, is running for reelection without opposition.

You can find your voter information by heading to

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