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As the pandemic worsens, DC hospitals are already approaching capacity. This is a major reason why many healthcare professionals are asking people to stay home during Thanksgiving holidays.

Hospitalizations have already skyrocketed, following an increase in the number of cases in the weeks. Large indoor meetings can exacerbate the increase in case numbers.

“Our actions will determine what will happen in the hospital two and four weeks from now,” said Dr. Glenn Wortmann, director of infectious diseases at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

The coming holiday could be the “worst case” that pushes hospitals to the limit, according to Wartman.

“Really, it’s under the control of the people in DC. If people stay away and wear masks, we can keep numbers down,” he said. On Saturday, DC Hospital said it was 86.7%, a few points below the “red zone” threshold (90%). This indicates that the capacity is insufficient.

With the increasing number of people in the Washington, DC region suffering from or being hospitalized with the coronavirus, the ongoing development of vaccines is welcome news.

“The news of the vaccine was astounding … it was hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Wartman said.

Pfizer and BioNTech announced on Friday that they will apply for an emergency license for the COVID-19 vaccine. The process is expected to take several weeks.

CNBC reported that the White House Coronavirus Task Force has repeatedly stated that once the drug is approved, it can be mobilized for distribution within 24 hours.

Operation Warp Speed ​​ships a separate auxiliary kit that includes a syringe, needle, and alcohol wipe. Large-scale vaccination programs need to be implemented in the area.

Pfizer vaccine should be stored at -93 degrees Fahrenheit. Some counties in our area are asking the state for help in securing a freezer for storage.

Loudoun County is considering creating a drive-up vaccination site.

Once the vaccine is officially approved, the health department wants it to be released quickly and efficiently. Chris Gordon reports.

In general, vaccines are first available in a particular group until production can meet demand.

In Montgomery County, you will be a healthcare professional, people over the age of 65, and people with complex medical conditions.

DC’s “Phase 1 Priority Population” focuses on healthcare professionals and first responders, said La Quandra Nesbitt, DC Health Director.

At one promising data point, Maryland broke its own record of coronavirus testing on Friday. A total of 51,510 tests were conducted on Friday.

Governor Larry Hogan said the test is available to anyone who needs it. He encouraged college students to go home for vacation, visit older relatives, or test for those who traveled outside the state.

A higher percentage of tests are returning positive compared to two weeks ago. This indicates that the surge in cases is not simply due to an increase in testing.

What the data shows

The 7-day moving average for new cases has risen across the board, reaching 164 in Washington, DC, 2,269 in Maryland, and 1,610 in Virginia.

DC reported 153 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday.

Two indicators of DC that measure the level of community spread are in the red zone. The daily case rate has risen to 23.2 coronavirus cases per 100,000 diagnosed daily. The transmission speed is 1.22.

A total of 122 coronavirus patients are admitted to Washington, DC

Maryland reported 2,885 new cases on Saturday.

Maryland hospitalizations continue to rise, starting on September 20, when hospitalizations were 281.

On Saturday, 1,229 Maryland patients were hospitalized with COVID-19, of whom 278 were in the intensive care unit.

Tests are on the rise, with some key indicators representing the thousands of ill Marylanders heading in the wrong direction for weeks.

A total of 51,510 coronavirus tests were conducted in Maryland on Friday. This is the best ever in a day.

Virginia reported 1,783 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday.

The state also reported that more people were in a hurry to be admitted to the hospital. Since Wednesday, the number of inpatients has increased by at least 90 daily.

The average number is 55.

Local coronavirus heading

  • The program to provide long-term unemployment benefits to unemployed Virginia citizens ends on Saturday.
  • The COVID-19 numbers continue to portray a dire situation for black Americans, and the black community is continually working to increase testing.
  • The Metro Board voted Thursday to close the budget gap by changing the frequency of train operations.
  • The scheduled Saturday football match against Michigan State University at the University of Maryland was canceled as a result of an ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the Terrapins locker room.
  • Authorities have overturned the decision to cancel the annual Wreaths Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery. After all it is an event to be held in December.
  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on Thursday how the state would allocate approximately $ 70 million to federal aid in preparation for an increase in coronavirus cases.
  • Eight players on the University of Maryland football team tested positive for COVID-19. The match with Ohio State University has been cancelled.
  • Maryland has released a new contact tracing app that has reduced indoor operations in bars and restaurants from 75% to 50% in response to increasing coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.
  • A review by the News4 I-Team found concerns that Prince George’s County, which has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the state, has received an overwhelming share of aid of over $ 165 million to date. ..
  • DC currently requires travelers from all but four states to undergo a COVID-19 test once prior to travel and once again if they plan to stay in the district for more than three days. The exceptions are Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii and Vermont.
  • Most new COVID-19 cases in DC come from social events, according to data presented by the district health department.

Restart tracker

How to stay safe

There are ways to reduce the risk of catching the coronavirus. The CDC guidelines are as follows:

  • If you are over 2 years old, please wear a mask or face cover. Place it on your nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands frequently. At that time, rub with soap and water for 20 seconds or more. As a backup, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid close contact with people who live outside your home. This means that you are 6 feet away from people outside the circle, even if you are wearing a mask.
  • Always cover coughing and sneezing.
  • Cleans and disinfects frequently touched surfaces.

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