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Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas all have elections to give their views on national issues and Trump.

Trump supporters outside the Georgia Republican Campaign event in Commerce, Georgia on March 26th. Elijah Nouvelage / Bloomberg

The country’s political focus moved to the south on Tuesday, with elections in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansaw, and Texas demonstrating voters’ views on national issues and the support of former President Donald Trump. Will be.

In Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp Dodge challenges easily Former Republican senator David Perdue has set up a rematch with presumed Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. Trump recruited Purdue to run after Kemp refused to help overturn the outcome of the state’s 2020 presidential election.

In Alabama Senate Competitive Republican Primary Deploying after Congressman Mo Brooks Lost Trump’s support in the March race.. Elections may go to the final vote.

In Texas, voters decide the Attorney General and the Lower Rio Grande Valley house seat final vote. Parliamentary races will force progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros to fight Congressman Henry Querrer, an anti-abortion Democrat who continues to be part of the FBI investigation.

Here are some of the themes to follow on Tuesday:

In Georgia, Trump’s “big lie” is tested.

Trump put Georgia at the center of his crusade for falsely claiming that he was a “stolen” election. However, his influence on state politics seemed to diminish.

Former Kemp ally Perdue has focused his campaign on challenging the outcome of the 2020 elections. He initiated all three discussions against Kemp by falsely claiming that Kemp and Trump were victims of fraud in the Georgia presidential and early 2021 Senate elections.

Still, Georgia Republicans have been drawn to problems since the last election, focusing on Georgia’s economy, education, and rising crime rates in Georgia’s cities.Partially as a result, Kemp Over 30 percentage points above Perdue Recent polls have raised about $ 10 million more than former Senators.

The 2020 election, and the only other race in which Trump’s influence stands out as well, is the Secretary of State’s contest. Republican incumbent Brad Luffence Purger is dodging a major challenge from Trump-backed Congressman Jody Hice. Opinion polls show that neither candidate has received more than 30% of voter support. This suggests that the race is likely to advance to the final vote.

Still, there are signs of life among Georgian voters. During the three-week early voting period, turnout exceeded 850,000, a significant increase from the same period in the 2018 primary.

This week, Georgia will launch one of the country’s most important Senate elections with Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, who is running for reelection. Herschel WalkerA Republican backed by Trump, is widely expected to cruise to win his party’s primary.

How will Senator Alabama pay the fare after being abandoned by Trump?

Brooks, a longtime ally of Trump, was involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. The last-minute surge Among the conservative Alabama people who could drive him into a runaway.

But the race remains for everyone to win.Emerson College Alabama Voter Survey Conducted a few days before the primary shows Brooks Trailing Two rivals: Senator Richard Shelby’s businessman and former Chief of Staff Katie Britt, who leads Puck, and Army veteran Mike Durant.

Brooks faces headwinds at home and in Washington, DC Trump Move to withdraw his support In March, it damaged the reputation of members of the House of Representatives at the state’s Republican base.

The House Committee investigating the 2021 Capitol riots I was asked to interview Brooks Regarding his comments about Trump Requests that the 2020 election results be “cancelled”.

And Senator made an enemy from Senator Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate. Pour 2 million dollars To Super PAC against his campaign. McConnell supports Britt for seats.

External funding has played a major role in this race, with millions of top three candidates blaming hostile candidates and labeling them as not in contact with Alabama voters. Supported by a group spending dollars. One group, parent Durant Alabama Patriots PAC, cTV ads chasing Brooks and Brit As “Trump Lashing, Tax Increase Insider”. Another Alabama Christian conservative group supporting Brit is Negative ads targeting DurantHe says he is generous with immigrants and gun ownership.

“Vote for Katie Brit,” says the narrator. “She is one of us.”

Can the issue of abortion be decisive in the Texas primary?

Cuellar is the last Democrat in the House of Representatives to oppose abortion.The Leakage of draft opinion The signal that the Supreme Court is likely to overturn the groundbreaking abortion decision Roe v. Wade this summer will be the second attraction as Cisneros tries to leave his seat. There is a possibility.

A new battle for access to abortion Underline Democratic internal tensions Progressives line up behind Cisneros, and a few moderates come to defend Quera. On Thursday, Parliamentary Progressive Caucus Chairman Pramirajayapal said: Approved Cisneros..National abortion rights groups such as Emily’s List Also threw financial support behind her bidBook a TV ad that is critical of Cuellar.

Cisneros is Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes, DN.Y. , Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. , Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Selling Full Throat funding on her behalf.

Cisneros 3.6 percentage points In the 2020 challenge to Quera, where she once interned. This time, his campaign must fight not only his record of abortion, but also the FBI raid on his home and campaign office in February.Quera promised he didn’t do anything wrong, and His lawyer said He cooperated with the investigation, but he was not the subject of the investigation.

The Texas Attorney General’s Democratic primary also focuses on abortion. Both candidates will be defenders of abortion access to Republican opposition, which is likely to be overwhelmingly popular in November.

Civil rights lawyer Rochelle Garza is a leading candidate for the race, with more votes in the primary than other Democrats and former Garveston Mayor Joe Jawarski.Garza Called the office “last stand” In protecting the Texans from strict abortion laws.

Will the Attorney General, chased by the Texas scandal, win?

Quera is not the only candidate to be monitored by law enforcement agencies for the use of his office in the Texas elections on Tuesday.

State Attorney General Ken Paxton Indicted and arrested In 2015, about undecided claims for securities fraud.Former aide said he violated state law Using the influence of his office to help the donor..

However, he maintained his viability in the Republican primary by pursuing a laundry list of conservative priorities, including advocating for abortion law. Passed through the country last year Participate in pushes to criminalize transitional care for transgender youth.

With Trump’s support and relatively strong support from the Texas Republicans, Paxton won more votes in the March primary than George P. Bush, a state land commissioner who opposes the second round. ..

This article was originally New York Times..

What to watch for in today’s elections in Georgia and beyond Source link What to watch for in today’s elections in Georgia and beyond

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